Jolly Festive Times

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Tshirts c/o Jolly Clothing| Skirt Vintage| Shoes c/o Dorothy Perkins| Festive Hair Piece from Crown and Glory

This Weekend was a festive one, it then followed with a very festive week full of Christmas meals and tree decorating ♥

To celebrate this festive time, I thought it only fair that Sam and I wear matching Christmas Tshirts and get the pooch involved too. They're so awesome and easy to wear, I certainly felt like Mrs Claus in this certain outfit. 
I thought the outfit was topped off perfectly with my glitter shoes, they're literally perfection in footwear. They make my heart smile, and they're going to work with so many styles this festive time. If you fancy winning a year's supply of Dorothy Perkins shoes, grab a selfie of your DP shoes and upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #DPShoeSelfie and #MyDorothyMoments. My dorothy moment included clicking my heels together and being greeted with my two boys for winter walks and snuggly cuddles. 


Saving While Planning Our Wedding

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Although Sam and I aren't saving or looking for a house at the moment, getting a mortgage is still something that goes through my head and certainly something that stayed there while planning our wedding. Getting married is a huge step, but buying a house together will be too, although some people buy before getting married there are still lots of first time buyers that may be in the same situation as us. 
When planning a wedding, and still saving for other things in life, such as buying your first home, I think time is key. For some, this may mean getting married quickly, a friend of mine didn't want to spend any longer than needed planning her wedding as she knew she'd spend more and more as time went on. For us, we enjoyed a longer engagement so we had time to save up and pay things off in pieces. 

Although some bits and pieces went on the credit card, we tried to save and pay off as we went along. We also knew exactly how much our kind parents were giving or lending us, which helped when it came to the planning and wedding finances. Which also brings me onto sensible planning and sticking to what you have planned. Things crop up along the way, you always want the photographer for an extra hour or to treat your guests to something special, but knowing what you wedding will consist of will really help, this will help get your budget in shape and knowing you have to stick to it. 
Some peoples priorities will be different to ours, but becoming Husband and Wife is something that I've always wanted and in life we've now achieved that and get to spend the rest of our life as Mr and Mrs. If yours is to buy a home first, then that's perfect for you, and I always think it's important to aim for what makes you happy ♥

Keeping motivated in what you want will also help you save, along with knowing what you're dealing with and being sensible with money. You can't have that 4 bedroom house in the countryside with the horse, but you can't have that £20,000 wedding without taking a hit either. Priorities are key, and for me it's being with my little family- I do love my boys!  

This post is a collaboration with TSB

Pet Present Finder

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas dog bandana c/o More Than Pet Insurance

This year Sev's stocking seems to be full, where as Sam's presents are few and far between. I never really need the idea to buy more for my little man, but when I heard about the Pet Present Finder, I couldn't stop myself from looking at the pet-friendly treats. 

The app is really easy to use, you simply click on the type of animal you want to buy from (dog or cat only I'm afraid) How much you'd like to spend (more or less than £20) and what sort of presents you're looking for. In a click of a button your options come up, and you get to browse what looks good. You then click on what takes your fancy and it takes you directly to the page to buy your present.

Not that Sev needs any more Christmas attire, although I'm not sure a tartan bandana, a Christmas Jumper and a reindeer costume is enough. I thought I'd go for this cute holly design scarf, that pops through their own collar so it's super easy to wear and made it different sizes too! I recently bought Sam a holly shirt for the festive period, so it makes me far too excited that they can now match ♥

Heart On My Sleeve

Monday, 15 December 2014

Jumper c/o Sugarhill Boutique| Jacket c/o Wallis| Jeans from Primark| Trainers from Nike

Having a free Weekend off with Sam doesn't happen very often, so when it does we always take full advantage. It usually involves a lay in, a yummy cooked breakfast and some sort of dog walk. This Weekends walk was full of frost and sunshine, seriously the best sort of morning walk ♥

I gave Sam the challenge to pick me something from the Sugarhill Boutique website, although a little worried, I knew he'd at least pick something I'd wear (although there's not much they have that I wouldn't!) I had high hopes that we could do a "His and Her" outfit post, as Sam hasn't featured much on Stephanie Dreams recently. Sadly that didn't get around it happening, but I still get to show you the lovely stripe and heart sweater that he picked for me. He never keeps quiet about how much he prefers me in jeans and casual wear, so it seemed the perfect Weekend to wear it with my boys.

The jumper is so sweet, I love the detail heart on the side and stripes are always a winner with me. I can imagine my self cosy'd up on the sofa with the boys in it, as well as visiting friends and family at this festive season. 


Photo Box at Christmas

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Photo Gifts c/o Photo Box

I like photos, I love taking snaps, printing snaps and sharing all my photos with my lovely readers too ♥
When it comes to Christmas, or any present giving times, I always think Photo Gifts are the perfect and personal presents. Especially when you've just got married and have a lot of photos to share with friends and family. 

Photo Box have a huge array of Christmas photo gifts and also some goodies for the home too. So, gift for you, gift for me, only seemed fair. I designed two graphics to upload onto the photo cushions, and I think they worked so well. We're still awaiting our new sofa, but as soon as it comes these will have pride of place..... along with our Christmas tree and all the other lovely festive decorations I can't wait to put up. 

Next up are some canvases, they're such good value for money, and even the small ones are the perfect present for a Secret Santa or some one you don't want to spend too much on, yet you want to make the effort. I've bought 3 for my parents, so they can put them up together, or separate them into different rooms in the house.
We also bought Sam's parents a collage canvas, which are such a good idea, especially when there's just so many photo to pick from! 
The quality is lovely, but they are always quick to tell you if your photo isn't going to look as good as it could do. Delivery is quick and pain free, and I love that they keep you updated when your goodies are dispatched- I hate not knowing what's going on! 

Will you be buying some photo gifts for your loved ones this Christmas Time?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Habitat Sofa Lusting

Thursday, 11 December 2014

All items from Habitat
I've come of the age where all I want to do is buy cushions, decorate our house and place fairy lights where ever possible! For Christmas we're getting a new kitchen floor (thanks Landlord) and a new sofa, as well as re-designing our whole living room and kitchen. 

Interior design and generally buying home wares really gets me excited, I love the idea of putting something together and making it your own. The sofa was a hard choice, knowing we wanted something cosy and homely but that would make more of a statement too. The Habitat sofas are just gorgeous and it's a shop I've "ooo'd and ahhh'd" at for so long, I knew it was time to take a proper look. Keen on an arm chair, bright but comfy cushions and a sofa that we could spend our evenings lounging on, they certainly have it all. The colour ways are gorgeous too, although we've not been so brave, the bright ones really catch my eye and make me smile. For our sofa, we've decided to stay more neutral and add in bright accessories and lovely soft furnishings to make our home just how we want it ♥

Even more exciting this Christmas time, you can win a sofa from Habitat worth £1000! To find out how to enter the #sofaselfie challenge take a look at the link and get snapping. I've loved looking through the photos, although it does make me want to be lazy and lounge on the sofa all day....I may even enter- fingers crossed! 
Post in collaboration with Habitat. 


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dog Hamper c/o Pet Plan

I love when Sev gets sent presents, he's such a big part of my life and even Stephanie Dreams. I think my Fashion and Lifestyle blog is slowly turning into a pet blog too, run by Severus himself. I love it even more when the campaign is one I believe in, and this #PetplanCares one is certainly that. 

I insure all three woofers with Pet Plan, as they are the UK's leading pet insurance company, as well as being a Pet Plan practice at work. When they told me about their new campaign I was eager for Sev to be involved. Not only did they gift him with a luxury hamper (oh my gosh, how gorgeous is the bed!) they also wanted me to share with you what he means to me and the relationship we share. 

I think you're either a dog person, or you're not. It's hard to be in between, well for me it is anyway. My fur babies are a huge part of our family, from Megan our cocker spaniel we had while I was growing up to eventually going and rescuing Alfie, when it was right to have a pooch in the Large-Household again. Tilly joined some years later, and is now so in love with Alfie, but wears the trousers at the same time too.
When Sam and I moved into our house, with garden and all, we knew it was time to get a woofer of our own and along came Severus.
I'm not sure if it changes things, but Sam and I don't want children, and Sev is certainly our little boy. A pet he may be, but some one who keeps me company, knows when I'm crying and likes to sit in the bathroom while I'm in the bath. He's a sweet boy, but very pampered too (totally our fault, I know!) but he does try and be good, even if a few things do get chewed up every now and again. 

My dogs are my life, my family, my love. If you agree or not, it doesn't take that away, it doesn't make me feel silly or less of a person, I am who I am, and a lot of that is down to my dogs.
In Sam's wedding speech he even mentioned Alfie, and how he was the man in my life, knowing he had to impress him was the main thing....that he certainly did, and Sam is so on board with the canine-lifestyle now, it makes me so fortunate of my little family! 

Flowers Looking Alive

Monday, 8 December 2014

Dress c/o Poppy Lux| Shoes from Topshop

It's that time of year to don your glitzy dress and pop on some heels ♥
I've never been good at that, and over the last year or so exchanged my high heels for slippers and pj's. However, when I saw this gorgeous Poppy Lux dress, my eyes lite up and dress up is what I wanted to do. I still felt my cosy comforts with flat (sparkly) shoes, and tights to cover those pale pins. 

This years Christmas party involves a country pub and a heart Christmas dinner, so it's certainly more cosy than previous years. This is what I adore about this dress, as well as being the perfect winter floral print, it's easy to dress up and down. Looking lovely with both tights and a cardie, as well as vampy red lipstick and beaded clutch to swoon over. 

Dresses like this are what dreams are made of, as are all the other beauitful goodies over at Sugarhill Boutique