A Day in The Costwolds

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Last week we decided a little day trip was in order, so we visited the lovely little town of Bourton on the Water. It's set in the gorgeous Costwolds, with a running stream and pretty tea rooms on every corner.
We brought Sevvy along with us, and he enjoyed chasing the ducks and soaking up the sunshine....how we all love the sunshine ♥

I love beautiful days out, it makes me so appreciative of our little life. I have such a happy and fun little family, just the three of us, we could rule the world. 
I've been trying to vlog more, and you can catch all the videos on my YouTube channel. I've really been enjoying making content, and although my general weekly life involves work, too much food, and early nights...my Weekends can sometimes be fun, making the most of the time we have off together. 


The Printed Pick

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Dress c/o Stylist Pick| Boots and Cardie from Primark

I couldn't be more happy with the weather right now, it's so amazing what the sunshine does to you. I feel happy, and smiley, and just good! Even when the rain comes, it's still warm, floods the place and then disappears. Honestly I rather love snuggling up on the sofa, with th duvet, watching the crazy lightening too ♥

I wore this on one of the possible rainy days, it was still far too warm not to trap my legs in tights, so the pins came out but the new boots joined them. This gorgeous ethnic print, smock style dress is what dreams are made of. I love the colour, the cute sleeve detail and how it fits- just lovely. Since buying the long line open cardigan I haven't taken it off, it seems to go with everything and makes any basic or casual outfit a little more of a statement, which I of course love!
My busy weekends have started, and I have weddings for the next three- when did my friends all get so grown up!? I'm so excited for fun times, I just want to dance and shout about what an awesome time my life seems to taking me in the moment. I feel so fortunate with our amazing friends and family, and the adventures we're going on- even if it is just down the canal for a picnic. 

Primark Bath Store Opening

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Last week the new Primark store in Bath opened. A shop that the City has needed for a long time, and although a lot of people believed it's too "posh for Primarni", it's a much needed high street store for both Uni students and residents of Bath. 

The shop is stunning, set in a lovely street in a stunning building. The flowers decorate the outer edge of the store and inside you're greeted by a bright and happy clothes, full of amazing goodies and wonderful bargains. 

The store is a little under half the size of the Bristol one, the closet flagship store, however the stock and items available are the perfect about for an amazing Primark spree that anyone would need. The graphics, layout and stock on sale is all lovely. They have just started bringing in more items for Autumn/Winter which is both exciting, and terrifying, but I can't wait to style up some outfits for Autumn time ♥

If you're in or around Bath City then I urge you to go and take a look at the store, and maybe make sure you have a little bit of money in your purse. 

The Most Stylish TV Character....

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I don't tend to watch tv very often, my life some how seems to get in the way and watching netflix or YouTube videos becomes more appealing in PJ's, even if it's far too early for bed. However, when I get involved in a series, I really get involved.....hello all of Episode One of Orange is the new black in 3 days.

I loved reading through Ladbrokes Games New Yorkers TV guide, it did make me chuckle too! And it really got me thinking about how much we take from programmes, especially when it comes to the fashion aspect, well for me anyway. In a recent poll, it shows that Carrie Bradshaw is the most stylish tv character, which I totally agree with hands down. Carrie is such a style icon, and Sex and the City is now doubt a programme that has been in my life for so long. Even with her some what questionable outfits, and aged attire, her statement style and stunning picks wins for me every time.

If I ever get stuck for an outfit, lack inspiration and want to wear jogging bottoms and never wash my hair, I always end up thinking "What would Carrie do?!"

My Hen Weekend

At the beginning of the month I got to celebrate my self, in the way of my amazing Hen Weekend. Most of you may know we're not getting married until October, but due to times available and hoping for slightly nicer weather we opted for July. At the time it was booked (January) it was the perfect mid way point until the wedding, and I really thought it would keep me going, with some awesome to look forward to. 

My oh my was it awesome! Every time I think about it a huge smile crossed me face, I feel so fortunate and lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. 
My two gorgeous Bridesmaid planned, arranged and booked it all. It was all them, Clare & Sian will always be in my hearts for that, they really could not of done a better job, even if I had my say in it. 

The Weekend was filled with many a photo (of course) wellies with posh frocks, afternoon tea, hot tub action and a fridge full of Prosecco. There was a surprise and lovely thought around each corner, I felt so very special and important, with the most cherished people in my life ♥
I am terrified of tacky willies, hate satin sashes and only last until 12pm on a night out. This Weekend was full of afternoon tea, floral sashes, the prettiest veil, pretty bunting and our very own diy photo booth. The cottage was picturesque, with rolling hills and a stunning back drop of countryside. The rooms were all uniquely decorated with pretty interior, floral bedsheets, and the sweetest shabby chic decor. 

I'm such a soppy cow, but I really look back at the photos and my heart is filled with warmth and love! I've learnt so much about people while planning our wedding, but these girls who put their time and effort into coming, and Clare & Sian for organising it all, really have given me a life full of love and I hope they stay in my life for all my years. 

With thanks to:
HenBox for their amazing decorations and super fun games.
Crown and Glory for my gorgeous Friday night crown
Oh Squirrel for the stunning sash- The girls did GOOD on this, something I was totally obsessing over and my goodness I'm in love,  I want to wear it everyday. 
...and lastly to Clare & Sian, my to very best friends that I am thrilled to call my Bridesmaids and couldn't do this whole wedding-malarkey without