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Our Honeymoon: Part One

Sunday, 29 March 2015

I thought it was about time that I shared some Wedding-Moon photos with you all ♥
I'm going to split it into a few posts over a few weeks, so hopefully you enjoy have a look through what we got up to on our super special trip.

If you'd like to read more about we did, then I have been slowly updating my trip report on the Dibb, so you can find that here.

I'll start here, part one. We started our trip on the Monday (before the Sunday Wedding) at Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando. It's the perfect amount of luxury to start the holiday with, we truly love it here & hope to visit in some way shape or form, on every trip.
Three nights here, including days by the pool, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, lots of rides at Universal Orlando and far too many drinks at Hard Rock Cafe and City Walk.

The first night was a pretty chilled one, getting over the long flight and having an early night. We explored the hotel a little and ended up eating in The Kitchen, which is the one of the onsite restaurants.
Two early morning starts, visiting the amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter with our early access cards. We also met up with friends, did a few rides around the other parts of the parks and finished by the pool for the afternoons. Cocktails to your lounger, the sun shining, and under water music playing- if you fancy a dip.
In the evenings we met up with our friends, once for a rather drunken night starting at Hard Rock Cafe and ending at Velvet Bar in the hotel. Lots of cocktails later sore heads all around, the next evening was a little less alcoholic while we watched Blue Man Group. A show I highly recommend watching, it's great fun and perfect for something slightly different to do whilst you're there.

My Perfect Man

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Recently Ladbrokes done a study at what British women consider the perfect man, I of course think my lovely Husband is pretty perfect- but if we were talking ideals, I'm happy to say David Beckham or Bradley Cooper would be right up there too.

Drum roll please....
The UK's perfect man is 6 foot tall, blue eyes, short back and sides, suited and booted, 45k Salary (at least), great personality and preferably a David Beckham look-a-like.If you fancy having a look at the specifics from the data you can find it here.
Like most British women I do love my men "tall, dark and handsome". Being almost 6ft anyway, I've always struggled with the tall part, but I have learnt to swap my heels for flats when it comes to my love for Sam.

I adore him in a suit, although most of the time he's in jeans or even jogging bottoms- forever the lazy couple! Put a smart jumper and some boots with those jeans and I'm a happy girl, he's always keen to impress when we got out with family friends and I like that he cares about his appearance....even if it's only 20% of the time. I'm not sure I can be one to moan to much though, either in my PJ's or uniform unless it's the Weekend.

I love a good styling challenge, although being together for 7 years has helped with that, so now I don't really have too much to say about his look. This would be a great outfit for our days out, walking Sev, stopping for lunch and taking my blog photos- like good photographer Husband he is.

I was glad to see that personality rocks looks out of the water, 80% of us ladies agree that they'd pick a good personality over a hot bod- but it would be nice to have both. If nothing else, Sam makes me so happy, he makes me laugh and he is the source of everything good. I love our little family, and he is the person that helps me with everything and anything, always on my side even if I've been silly (usually with money- oops!)

I'd love to know your "perfect man", are you keen on Becks too?


Oh Spring!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tee and Coat from Primark| Trousers from Dorothy Perkins| Trainers from Nike

Oh Spring! You pretty little thing.
As I live in England, Spring glimpses will come and go for a month or so more yet- and even in "Summer" I expect to see drizzly and gloomy days. This, however, makes you appreciate when the sun has it's hat on, the warmth fills your bones and the whole world seems to be smiling.

Last Weekend we had a little morning out to Bradford on Avon, it's such a lovely little town and I always forget how close it is to where we live. Although coats were still needed, I felt like the flowers were starting to bloom, and my outfit needed some brightness too.
Trousers seem to be my go to, staple wardrobe piece at the moment. I've bought a new grey pair too, and I'm always on the look out for others. I decided to be all "#trends" and wear them with my beloved Nike's. Damn, I love this outfit. Another staple piece, the stripe tee, my hardly ever worn baby blue Primark coat and viola. 
I've been feeling a mix of emotions with my blog lately, and the posts I'm publishing. I've been trying so very hard recently, and I feel so motivated and happy with everything I'm photographing, writing & bringing to my blog. If anything, I know that this space is something I'm proud of.
I'm adoring my outfit posts, I just don't feel the same love for them, I think mainly because I haven't been able to do many. Although I think they've improved drastically from 2 years ago, and even more so recently, I still feel they aren't high up on my list. The lifestyle bits, the Severus bits, and the general photography bits are the things I'm loving and feeling inspired with. Following pet instagram accounts has really got me inspired with photos of Sev too, some may see it as silly, but I love making set ups and using props to make the photos something awesome. 

Loving Lately...

Monday, 23 March 2015

I bit the bullet and decided to finally order the chip mug. He's been on my wish list for so long, and after failing to find him at Walt Disney World in October, I've been lusting after him big style. This little guy is from the Tokyo Disney parks, via eBay, and he is just perfection. As well as just generally making me happy & looking the cutest thing in photos, he is my last prop for my Cosplay. I'm all ready now and can't wait to put the character together and get my photos taken!

Oh Snapey boy! Gosh I love this dog. Don't get me wrong, I adore Alfie & Tilly too, but I think because he's ours it feels different and because he lives with us. He's been such a monkey recently, but I still can't get enough of him. I feel slightly obsessed with him, which is probably a bit of a weird thing to say, but I've been really inspired by the pet instagram accounts that he follows (with @3_spaniels) and taking photos of him with wonderful props and set ups.

This gorgeous gold foil Disney print by Dottie Rocks, is what dreams are made of. I asked for a custom make some months ago that I never actually got around to confirming. I then "stole" this wording from the Paris quote and thought it worked amazingly. We still don't have a proper home for it, but I think with some wonderful Disney items and on a white floating shelf is where I imagine it. 

How cool is this amazing tee that I had done by the gorgeous Tabitha at Fairytale Sparkle, I'd seen it on some Tumblr page and we finally got around to talking about it and what a wonderful job she did. I can't wait to style it up, especially with my amazing Newlook ice cream clutch- sickly sweet outfit much, YES! I love it.

The Cinderella Mac collection is close to perfection, a very neutral and wearable collection perfect for any Princess. Tabitha was my fairy god mother, yet again, and managed to pick these items up for me. The beauty powder is actually gorgeous, I can't wait to style it up and I'm hoping to show you a new look in a video soon. 

I have been trying really hard with my photos recently, and I feel like my instagram account has been a huge creative outlook. Okay, so it's silly photos, that don't mean a lot. You know what though, they're photo's I'm proud of and feel happy and proud to share.                                                                                                                                    


Friday, 20 March 2015

In February I got invited to showcase the new collection of Simply Be jeans, with a group of other wonderful plus size bloggers ♥
We had great fun, generally dancing around, chatting, getting our hair and makeup done  and finally filming some footage for the denim campaign. The girls were so lovely, and I enjoyed working with them so much. Such a friendly bunch, and I hope I get to work with Simply Be again one day and those beauties too. 

My jeans are the Pheobe jean- the high wasted, flared jeans. Perfect for the high fashion 70's look that's everywhere right now.
There's an exciting giveaway if you tweet my hashtag, and you'll make me a happy girl if you do too!

All you have to do is tweet "@SimplyBeUk I love #PhoebeJeansGirl and @StephDreamsBlog" and you can win a pair of jeans by doing so.


BarkBeats Dog Box

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Goody Box c/o BarkBeats

Sev has had a fair amount of subscription goody boxes sent to him, after all, it's pretty much his blog! ♥
I think we both agree this one is up there with the best though, so of course we wanted to share it with you.

As well as donating at least 10% to different charities, they also offer a great range of different products that you can have in a one of special treat for your pooch, or to have it monthly for 6 months or even a whole year.
You let them know a bit about your dog, and in return you get 5-6 top quality and full size products. It's free shipping too- which makes me so happy!

The items we Sev got in his box were a perfect mix of items, perfect for his everyday life. The treats were great, with variation to them. The Kong toy is perfect for our ball mad spaniel and the little light up keyring is great for walks in the dark or gloomy weather.
Overall Severus gives the barkbeats box a 9.5 out of 10 (that's pretty good!) and says go and get your furry friends one.
To help you on your way, enter the code DREAMS to get £5 off your first box