Me To You Wedding

Monday, 18 August 2014

This gorgeous wedding stationary is all from the Me to You range, that can be found at Clinton Cards. One of you lucky readers of mine can be in with the chance of winning it all, even if you're not tying the knot any time soon, you may know friends or family members that these would make perfect gifts for ♥

That little grey bear, with a blue nose, is so very sweet and the merchandise they have is even sweeter. I love the photo albums, and the guest book would be lovely to have all your loved ones write in to keep memories right by your heart.
You could win all of the picture above by following the instructions on the Rafflecopter entry, and you'll be good to go! Remember to comment and let me know if these will be for you, or you'll hoping to win them for a present.

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Our Engagement Party: June 2013

Thursday, 14 August 2014

I've only just realised that since stopping my Wedding Blog, I haven't shared our engagement party over on this one. You may have seen this some time ago, but if you haven't then do feast your eyes on our engagement party, that was held in June 2013 ♥ 

Photos by Chloe Lee
"He put a ring on it" from Miss Cake*

A few weekends ago, Sam and I were joined by lots of lovely friends and family for our engagement party. It was held in park grounds, of a lovely manor house, near where we live. BBQ, wine and cupcakes we enjoyed, and lots of friendly faces and lovely catch ups.

The main reason for the party was to get every one in one place, so we could tell them about our Florida plans for the wedding. It was of course to see, and catch up with with loved ones, eat good food & drink (a bit too much) fizzy wine in the sun. How lucky we were that the sun shone for us.

I was in charge of making everything look as pretty as possible, and I think I did a pretty good job. Umbrella's were at hand, in the sweetest heart vase, that luckily we didn't need. Paper straws and cute vintage style plates and cups were used, and little signs and Mickey Mouse cupcakes finished everything off so nicely.

I'm so happy with my "He put a ring on it" stand, it stood perfectly next to the cupcakes. I hope to use it some where for the party at home, too. As well as this I also ordered a custom cake topper for the wedding, to take over with us, I'm so excited and happy with it (I'm sure I'll share it at some point)

The Secret Garden Tea Rooms

The New Forest seems to be our favourite spot at the moment, after our family photo shoot, we were keen to visit again after glancing our eyes on the prettiest tea gardens....ever! 
The Secret Garden Tea Rooms is based in Brockenhurst, it's full of amazing vintage furniture, hanging lampshades, cloudy lemonade and afternoon tea a plenty ♥

We had such a lovely day, sipping at cold cider in the warm sun, eating too much cake and finding Sev streams to paddle in. It's a lovely little town, full of cute shops and wild horses roaming the streets. 


It's a Dogs Life

Monday, 11 August 2014

Collars and Tags
All items c/o Collars and Tags

When the woofers get recognised on the blog, then I do feel rather happy about it. They're a big part of my life, and although my style posts are most popular, bringing every day life posts to you is also really important to me ♥
It seems like more companies want to work with Severus than me at the moment, which I'm not too worried about, we were hoping he'd be a child star! 

Sevvy got sent some lovely items from "Collars and Tags" an online pet store that deal with all your feline and canine needs. They have training aids, collars, tags, leads, grooming supplies and lots of wonderful toys- it's really a haven for our 4-legged friends. 

Having a ball mad dog, does have it's up side, and hopefully in the long run it will stop him from being a fatty (although he will still eat far too many treats too!) He really gets obsessed with his balls, and it is something Spaniels are known for and so we knew that these would be first on this list. Also a new long length lead, a grooming brush and a new ID tag all got added to the basket. He is chipped, but it's still so important that if he does go missing then it's made easy for them to track us down- it also helps that this ones so lovely, and goes so well with his brown fur. 

Getting Personal
Towel, Blanket and Plate c/o Getting Personal

I actually used "Getting Personal" for some wedding gifts for our wedding party, so when they asked if the woofers would like to be sent a few items I was thrilled. This site is a little different, and is a true present for your pooch, with so many Pet Gifts to make your heart melt.

The blankets are my favourite, and all the dogs have one if a different colour. Sev seems to love his, and also lays down on it in the evening when we're lounging on the sofa. The slate plate also has pride position in our kitchen, and how amazing does it look with his "paint your own" bowl- such a cute combo. 

If you're in line to spoil your pooch then this is the place to go, some of the items are just stunning and Sevvy boy is writing out a list for his Birthday already ♥


Honeymoon Wardrobe Buys

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Fly Away With Me

Friday, 8 August 2014

Dress c/o Gemini Women| Hat from Peacocks| Boots from Primark

When a new dress pops through my letter box I always get a fleet of excitement, it's just something that new clothes do to me, I can't wait to pop it on and style it up.
This gorgeous Great Plains tea dress was the perfect outfit for a lunch and browse through the pretty little shops, when we visited Lechlade recently. Anything with sleeves is a winner for me, and some how it has a granny-chic vibe, which I actually really love.

It was such a pretty day for it, and I love donning my floppy hat and my favourite foot wear- my trusty boots. I think we've been so very lucky with the weather here the last month or so, even when the rain comes down it some how feels happy, like a true summer time. I still can't help but wish the time away, with it being this time in 2 months we'll be flying off to Florida and Autumn will certainly have kicked in.
Tomorrow one of my close friends is getting married, I feel so thrilled and delighted that I'm going to be apart of it, by taking her wedding photos. I am however totally terrified, I've heard it's meant to be the worse thing to photograph a friends wedding, so we will see. I can only do my best, and hope the Bride and Groom love the memories I am able to capture for them. I'm also really excited because it's something that I've wanted to do for so long, and I am so happy that I'm able to have this chance. 

Just The Three of Us

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I've been looking to get some photos of myself, Sam and Sevvy for some time now. Some how time got the better of me, and only recently were we able to make a date with a photographer friend and get some shots of us and the puppy. 

When we were in the New Forest for a doggy friendly weekend, we thought it would be the perfect time....and it really was. We managed to get some wonderful photographs and I wanted to share just a few with you all. 
Our photographer was perfect and we really had a lovely fun day, it's really got me in the mood for our pre-wedding shoot that we're having in September too.