The Most Stylish TV Character....

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I don't tend to watch tv very often, my life some how seems to get in the way and watching netflix or YouTube videos becomes more appealing in PJ's, even if it's far too early for bed. However, when I get involved in a series, I really get involved.....hello all of Episode One of Orange is the new black in 3 days.

I loved reading through Ladbrokes Games New Yorkers TV guide, it did make me chuckle too! And it really got me thinking about how much we take from programmes, especially when it comes to the fashion aspect, well for me anyway. In a recent poll, it shows that Carrie Bradshaw is the most stylish tv character, which I totally agree with hands down. Carrie is such a style icon, and Sex and the City is now doubt a programme that has been in my life for so long. Even with her some what questionable outfits, and aged attire, her statement style and stunning picks wins for me every time.

If I ever get stuck for an outfit, lack inspiration and want to wear jogging bottoms and never wash my hair, I always end up thinking "What would Carrie do?!"

My Hen Weekend

At the beginning of the month I got to celebrate my self, in the way of my amazing Hen Weekend. Most of you may know we're not getting married until October, but due to times available and hoping for slightly nicer weather we opted for July. At the time it was booked (January) it was the perfect mid way point until the wedding, and I really thought it would keep me going, with some awesome to look forward to. 

My oh my was it awesome! Every time I think about it a huge smile crossed me face, I feel so fortunate and lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. 
My two gorgeous Bridesmaid planned, arranged and booked it all. It was all them, Clare & Sian will always be in my hearts for that, they really could not of done a better job, even if I had my say in it. 

The Weekend was filled with many a photo (of course) wellies with posh frocks, afternoon tea, hot tub action and a fridge full of Prosecco. There was a surprise and lovely thought around each corner, I felt so very special and important, with the most cherished people in my life ♥
I am terrified of tacky willies, hate satin sashes and only last until 12pm on a night out. This Weekend was full of afternoon tea, floral sashes, the prettiest veil, pretty bunting and our very own diy photo booth. The cottage was picturesque, with rolling hills and a stunning back drop of countryside. The rooms were all uniquely decorated with pretty interior, floral bedsheets, and the sweetest shabby chic decor. 

I'm such a soppy cow, but I really look back at the photos and my heart is filled with warmth and love! I've learnt so much about people while planning our wedding, but these girls who put their time and effort into coming, and Clare & Sian for organising it all, really have given me a life full of love and I hope they stay in my life for all my years. 

With thanks to:
HenBox for their amazing decorations and super fun games.
Crown and Glory for my gorgeous Friday night crown
Oh Squirrel for the stunning sash- The girls did GOOD on this, something I was totally obsessing over and my goodness I'm in love,  I want to wear it everyday. 
...and lastly to Clare & Sian, my to very best friends that I am thrilled to call my Bridesmaids and couldn't do this whole wedding-malarkey without 


Monday, 21 July 2014

I always enjoy styling challenges, I love how different bloggers put their spin on things, and personal style is so important to be, hopefully shining through on most of my outfit posts. 
When Debenhams asked me to style a maxi dress for both a British holiday and one in Barbados, I was excited to see what I could come up with. 

Britain: Dress c/o Debenhams| Blazer c/o Quiz| Bag c/o LYDC| Sunglasses from River Island

I wore this outfit to a day out in the Costwolds, so it really was the perfect British holiday style up. I needed my sunglasses still, that I am in love with at the moment, but also covered up with a cute but basic thin blazer. I wore my hair up in braids as I know the heat and chance of rain always makes it frizzy and used my bag big enough for everything, to carry Sev's bits and all my camera equipment. 
The dress is so so pretty and easy to through on with flats, a cover up and be perfect for the British BBQ season as well as cocktails with friends down the seafront. 

Barbados: Shoes c/o Debenhams| Hat c/o Matalan

Sadly I couldn't set off on my travels for this one, and the canal path had to do, but I am still in love with this look and think this one wins for me. It's so basic, yet I think the print of the dress and the big floppy hat really sets the statement. I could imagine being handed cocktails, sitting on a beach, and basically feeling rather grand and wonderful about life. 
I'm really enjoying my hair with a waved look at the moment, and I think it goes so well with the beachy holiday feel of the outfit. 

How would you style up the same outfit for your exotic holiday and day out at home?

The Foodies Festival

Thursday, 17 July 2014

This Weekend I had the chance to visit a wonderful food festival in Bristol, The Foodies Festival travels around different locations, sharing amazing food and drink with people who want to eat lots and drink too much!

I was able to take Sev with me and we strolled the harbour side and got excited with everything we I tasted and tried. If Sam was with me, it would have made the perfect day trip, lots of alcohol would have been presumed and the weather would have made for such a relaxing but fun day. I saw lots of hen parties, and groups of friends making a true day of it, which is such a good day as the food and drink available looked amazing (hello instagram over load) and it's all a little different to your usual bars and cafes, even in Bristol. 

I ended up treating my self to an orchard lemonade, oh my how yummy it was, some chutney and of course some macaroons. I can only recommend the foodies festival, and I hope to go to another one soon so I can bring Sam along next time ♥

Blanc Fleurs

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Jeans, cami, bag and Sandals c/o Peacocks, Kimono c/o Long Tall Sally

This is a slightly different outfit for me, as I was talking about in a previous post, I am trying to get away from always pretty dresses as I don't feel I can style them as much as I'd like to. Don't get me wrong, there will still be lots of princess dresses to come, but I am enjoying changing it around a little.

I love this look, and finally decided to bite the bullet and try the white jean trend, and I rather like it. I think it's perfect for Spring and Summer evenings, and knowing the random weather in this country, hopefully I'll be able to rock them into September time too. 
The pretty cami works amazingly, and I decided to layer it up with my gorgeous kimono, my heart literally flutters every time I see it. The length, detail and colour are all what dreams are made of and I'm excited to style it up with some other outfits too ♥
This weekend has been another hectic one, and I feel like this is going to be repeated for the next few months. Working Sunday really takes it out of me, but I was so glad Sam had Monday off too, so we managed to sneak away to the Costwolds and drink juice by the river. 
I now have my friends Hen Weekend, seeing friends (and visiting the Secret Garden!!!) The friends wedding, another Hen night, and then two weddings in a row, not to mention Sam's stag and a little afternoon tea with close family while he's away.....phew.