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A Pretty Sunday-Funday

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Tee from ASOS| Skirt from Quiz| Cardie from Primark| Necklace c/o Happiness Boutique| Ray Ban's c/o Sunglasses-Shop

Sunday funday is my favourite, especially when I have my boys with me.
We had the perfect adventure day on the boarder of the Wiltshire countryside. Having a walk up gorgeous hills, looking over the City of Bath, and then heading back to a pretty pub for a roast dinner and wine ♥

Luckily the sun was shining so I got to wear my pretty skirt, new necklace and wonderful sunglasses. When you work all day in a (horrible) uniform, and generally don your PJ's as soon as you get home, wearing clothes at the Weekend is pretty but a big deal.
I love wearing basic tshirts, so having a statement necklace to jazz it up a bit, really works well. Happiness Boutique is a beauty of a shop where you can find necklaces, clothes and wishlist is getting a little out of hand, already!
I actually picked the sunglasses for Sam to wear after I photographed them, he loves his other Ray Ban's and I always end up grabbing them if I pop out quickly. I love that they always look good, no matter what you wear, on both me and Sam. Sunglasses-Shop is the perfect online shop for any designer sunglasses, at super affordable prices. I think they're one of my favourite things to shop for- you can find my sunglasses collection here.


Feeling Lost

Thursday, 30 July 2015

This is the sort of blog post that I don't know what I'm typing one word after another. I don't really know the point of it, or what it's going to end up being, but I just feel like writing and just blogging.
I'm feeling a bit "blah" at the moment, I think that's the best word I can use to describe it. A little sad, some times very sad, a little lonely, a little pointless. I've also lost my blogging mojo which saddens me too, I just don't seem to care a lot for it at the moment. 

Between work, which I seem to do all the time, keeping the house clean, cuddling Sevvy and starting Stephanie Dreams Photography, I just don't feel like I have anything else to give...and to be honest, I'm not sure I want to.

My mind is at taking photos, creating backdrops and scenes and having that creative outlet. I'm far from doing that on a weekly basis, but it seems the thing that my money and my effort is going most into. Blogging has just been left behind in the rainy days, and the "to-do" pile. I love how my blog has transformed into a pretty lifestyle blog, and I want it to continue to grow and let me be proud of it. When I work all day and sleep all night it's hard, I don't have fancy picnics every weekend, go out on boats most week days and drink Prosecco every Saturday evening (although I obviously do try my best with that one!) I just feel a little boring.

I want to be that sickly sweet blogger that's so happy and wonderful, I want to be fit and thin and fit into size 12 clothes again, I want to love Sam so very much but at the moment I don't even want to talk to him, I want to be enthusiastic about my job and what I do but I can barely even smile at my boss.

We all get these days, we all get these feelings, that's life and all that jazz. It still doesn't make it feel any better though, it still makes me cry a little bit. These are emotions, and damn I'm an emotional person, that's not something that I'll ever be able to change.


The Dorset Seaside

Monday, 27 July 2015

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! ♥

Last Weekend we had a lovely three day Weekend, so decided to soak up some of the sun and head down to Dorset. It's one of our favourite places, and we visit Bournemouth and Poole a lot as we have friends there. This time we headed up the coast a little further and had a little adventure in Mudeford.

The sun was shining, there were pastel beach huts every where, Sev and I had matching attire and Sam and I held hands as we looked out to sea. I love the sea side, it makes me happy and feel real. It's our dream to run away and live there one day, for now it will stay as a dream but we will keep trying to make it come true.

We also caught the super quick ferry over to Hengistbury Head, just across the water from Mudeford and just as dreamy. The whole place is filled with beautiful beach huts, in all the colours of the rainbow...and more. They have country style kitchens, gorgeous day beds and even a little upstairs so you can camp out for a few days. Sam and I were making a list of possible contenders, because we obviously will be buying one soon (ha!)


Kitchen Dreams

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

I think if we were to buy a house I'd base a lot of the decision on; if there was room for a studio, if the kitchen was dreamy and if the bathroom had enough room for a free standing bath....not a lot to ask, I don't think!

Although we're very lucky with out lovely new white kitchen at the moment, I also go off on day dreams about a beautiful cream country style kitchen that I long for! I'd love it to be a little cluttered, have vintage vibes and stick with the gorgeous pastel theme that we have going on at the moment. The Smeg fridge would be a must, a beautiful big oven and lovely sink, to make any home lover jealous ♥
The floors would be white wood and Sev would have the coziest bed in the corner of the room. The cake stand would be used most Weekends for afternoon tea when friends and family pop over, and I may even have a little desk for my work station, some where in there too. If you're lucky, it may even make me bake....or buy a cake and put it on my pretty cake stand, pretending I baked it.

Although this dream kitchen, and dream house in general may be a little way off, I still think it's important to get inspiration through gorgeous photos and wonderful ideas. I think TSB Loan Calculator is great for making the dreams more of a reality too. I think if dreams can become a reality, via a kitchen or whatever else you may have your heart set on, you should certainly strive for it in every way.

This Weekend I'm doing my first pop up dog studio, at a little dog show and fete near me. I'm really excited to get my set up sorted and have something I can be excited about and proud of. Hopefully it will all work out well and some lovely pet portraits will be taken.


This is a collaborative post

Moo Boo Gifts

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Little Box of Happiness c/o Moo Boo Gifts

Pretty things are my favourite things! Anything I can look at and smile, that makes me feel happy and makes my home lovely ♥

I've seen a few Lifestyle gift boxes, and this one certainly is up there with my favourite. This beautiful "Little Box of Happiness" if from Moo Boo Gifts and cost £17. This lovely gift box comes with the most prettiest of goodies, that all fit through the post box- perfect!

I adore the the "Find beauty in everyday" notebook, it's such a lovely quote and I think I'm going to use it for my new photography business (see more about that here!) and also the "Live your dreams" hanging sign, it's just so lovely with the wonderful illustration and sums up how I'm feeling about life at the moment too.

You can see more of Moo Boo Gifts on Instagram & on Facebook too.

Summer Cameo

Friday, 17 July 2015

Dress c/o Sugarhill Boutique| Boots from Primark

Although Summer is upon on, we have to be sensible when living in the's bound to rain at some point. So have items that still feel Summery but can be worn into Autumn are little gems in your wardrobe.

This particular little gem is not something I'd usually wear, and I'm not even so sure I should of, but I love it all the same. This cameo dress is the perfect print and style for the weather where you can add a chunky cardie and wear boots with bare legs. The print is very pretty, and although not something I'd usually go for, it really drew me in with the pinks and mints.
Sugarhill Boutique have a sale on at the moment, so you must go and check out all the pretty prints and wonderful dresses. I've got my eye on the prettiest midi dress and even some shorts too ♥

I've been having lots of cuddles with my gorgeous nephew, working on a new project which you can read about here & this Weekend we've all got a Weekend by the seaside. Happy Steph! 

Living Room Inspiration

Thursday, 16 July 2015

I love making our house more homely, changing things round and making it our perfect little family home ♥

I love making mood boards and spending hours on pinterest finding inspiration for what we could do next. I'm really happy with our kitchen now, and although our living room is almost there, I still like to find photos for interior ideas.
Our perfect living room with have a large and cosy sofa, with lots of cushions and throws to cuddle into in the colder evenings. I love arm chairs too, our tweed one is beautiful but a floral or patchwork one is certainly on the list too. I love carpets, and even more when they're layered with thick rugs. I don't think you can beat a textured cream carpet that is hard wearing for the pooches but soft under your feet too. I love cream because it's so neutral and makes everything so much bigger and lighter, but at the same time gives it a really cosy feel. Really, nothing compares to the soft, luxurious feeling of carpet under your feet, although it can be slightly more maintenance there's no substitute in terms of sound absorption, warmth and overall comfort.
Lastly on the wish list, would no doubt be a fire or a wood burner. Some how it makes everything so wonderful, so pretty and and the perfect thing to snuggle up to with a good book on a Sunday evening.

Next month we're having a garden party, and although we're fixing the garden up at the moment, living in England we're still aware that the party may get moved inside. We always want our house to be practical and some where we can truly live, having a dog is never easy and running a busy life some things can be messy. It's important to try and get the perfect mix of being proud of your house and allowing the interior to reflect your family, but not looking like a show home that shouldn't have a cushion out of place.
I think we'll have the kitchen and living room ready on stand by, just in case the sun takes his hat off and it turns into a house party.
*This post is in collaboration with Carpet Right*

Stephanie Dreams Photography

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

There are times in my life where I feel I could just sit back and plod on. Don't get me wrong, I love my little family, I love being a Veterinary Nurse and I love what my blog has grown into and what it will no doubt further more into.
However I'm not a very aspirational person, I've never had a "dream job" or fought to do something I love. I have inspirations that suit myself and make me happy, I do things that bring a smile to my face and I married the man I love. I just feel like dreams are worth catching some times, and for that you need to get off your arse and make it happen.

We all have to start some where, and this is where I'm starting. With help from a friend Stephanie Dreams Photography has be born and I want to throw all my love, energy and inspiration into it.
I'm sure I'll get the comments about "everyone's a photographer now" or "you're not really that good" but I just want to give it ago, I want to do something I love. I think that's so very important in this short life that we have....and I bloody love taking photos and want to share that with everyone I can.

I'd love any small support, from a tweet to checking out the website. "Liking" my Facebook page would be amazing too ♥

Poppy Fields of Love

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Flowers seem to be my favourite things photograph recently, well that and the woof dogs ♥

I've been trying to get to a poppy field for so long, but time has not been on our side. When we finally got around to it, the fields had been harvested and only a few were waving in the wind. Luckily, yesterday we came across a lovely little park that had a patch of poppies perfect for me to snap away at and get some lovely shots of the dogs for their instagram account (@3_spaniels)

We've had a lazy Sunday morning, walking the dogs and having a late breakfast. I'm now trying to persuade Sam to go on an adventure to find some lavender fields, but I'm not sure he's so keen.

Let Me Swim With Mermaids

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Tee from Fairytale Sparkle| Skirt from Next| Wellies c/o Butterfly Twists

Happy Sunday my loves!
I've spent a wonderful few days in London with Sam and Sev and now we're home, I'm finishing some editing and getting everything "bloggy" up together for the week ahead.

I wanted to show you my fun and easy festival style outfit. Sadly I'm not visiting any this year, and although this outfit isn't exactly Glasto ready, I still think it's worth a style mention all the same.
This outfit was based around my gorgeous new wellies- aren't they awesome? These are super wonderful as they fold up and come in the cutest little tote bag- perfect for festivals or even when you store them in the bottom of your wardrobe. The bright colour pop is so fun and happy, but totally wearable with most things too. These are really great to have in your bag for when the rain hits, or when you need to walk the dog and the mud is not your friend. 

I thought the top and skirt combo were a dream too ♥ The tee says "Play with fairies, Ride a Unicorn, Swim with Mermaids, Fly to the Moon" and I totally adore it, can I do all those things  

I feel a little rushed and everywhere with my blog photos recently, especially my outfit ones. I don't dislike them, but I feel like I've come down a notch recently and it really doesn't sit well with me. I think possibly picking and choosing styles needs to happen more and taking more effort.
I've been blogging for over five years and there's not been one time where I haven't learnt or changed how I feel about something, things grow, as do I, so it's important to move Stephanie Dreams a long with them. Even if only a handful of you ever read, I want it to be the best reading and most lovely picture viewing, along with all the other blogs on your feed.