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On The Chilly Seaside

Monday, 2 March 2015

Jumper c/o JD Williams| Jeans from Primark| Boots & necklace from Dorothy Perkins| Scarf from eBay

The English Seaside always manages to capture my heart, however chilly or gloomy being on a beach just seems to lift my mood.
We were lucky enough to be staying at the seaside for a few days last Weekend and so my outfits had to be practical for the weather and the events, but still keep my style and love for putting items of clothing together.

I have been living in these boots, as we all know, they are so comfy and seem to go with almost everything. I just love how they add a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit, but it's not too over the top.
I paired it with jeans and my lovely knitwear- literally the coziest jumper ever. It was perfect to walk Severus on the beach at sunset (with my coat and scarf too, it is still England in February after all). Jumpers like this last me so long and can easily follow me into Spring and Summer too. 

I hope you like the little freshen up that Stephanie Dreams has had, just a little "Recent Post" tab and some new photos on my side bar have really spruced the place up...I love that work, spruced! 

Favoruites in My Home

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Our home is so important to me, even if we're renting it's still our home, still our family space and the place I look forward to coming home to after work or a Weekend away ♥
More Than home insurance wanted me to share my three favourite objects in my house, and explain why they're special to me. I may have cheated a little bit on some of them, but I still thought it was a lovely post and one I'd love to see on other blogs too.

So I'm not sure we can class him as "an object" but he's still one of the best items in my home, him and Sam anyway! He's my baby boy, and my little dude. He welcomes me as soon as I walk in the door, gives me cuddles when I'm down and takes me on the most wonderful walks. He's a very loving and happy boy, and having such positivity in my home is so lovely. 

Photo AlbumsI adore photos and I still print the most lovely prints off and make photo books when ever I can, although it's become more lax since the digital age but I still make the effort. My photo albums, especially my wedding albums are so very special to me. They're stunning, filled with amazing memories and beautiful pictures. Although I love my hard drive, filled with thousands and thousands of snaps, these beauties are physically so amazing and perfect.  

Wedding and Engagement Ring
These things on my fingers that mean oh so very much to me, my love and my soul, the best day of my life and the day that made me giddy with excitement. The marriage, our marriage is obviously so important, it's my love and my family, it's my best friend and security. But these rings, they're so so pretty and symbolise so much love and happiness for me. 

I'd love to know your three most special items in your home.

Date Night Dressing

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dress and Bag c/o Kaleidoscope| Necklace c/o Joshua James Jewellery| Sandals from Primark

Some times getting dressed up just feels so special, making your self look lovely and making an effort is just what can put a smile on my face. Sam and I had a little mid Valentines day/anniversary date night last week, before we had our Weekend away at the seaside. This gorgeous dress is perfection for so many occasions, it worked so well for our meal in town but I can see myself sipping cocktails with the girls or even wearing it to a family party. 

I feel like my Nomination Necklace was the perfect gift to myself, it's so pretty and sweet but really makes a statement too. I love how much it breaks up the dress and the all black feel of it. They also have name necklaces on the site which I have my eye on, maybe another present- to me, love me?
Sam and I are celebrating 7 years together, this year has obviously been one to remember with a wonderful Honeymoon with some amazing friends and made him my Husband too. I feel like these 4 months have been a whirlwind and my diary for the coming months seems so crazy I can't even start to contemplate it. We've also had a crazy whirlwind time and yesterday was topped off my some sad news and decision we made (you may understand if you follow me on twitter) but I am trying to look forward and keep motivated, it's certainly helped with a trip to Disneyland Paris booked for next year- OH YES!


My Pretty Home Details

Monday, 23 February 2015

For the last few years my love has turned from shopping for clothes and shoes to lovely items for our lovely home ♥
Although I do still enjoy the odd Primark splurge every now and again, I love saving my money for that gorgeous new vase, canvas of a Wedding photo or new arm chair for the living room.

It seems that I'm not alone and most people take out loans for home improvements, having a humble abode you're proud of and happy to live in seems very important. The TSB loan calculator is perfect for finding out how much you can borrow and what you're repayments will be. I think we all need an extra helping hand every now and again and it's for something that you love and work hard for, responsible lending can really work. 

I wanted to show you some ideas that I've put together around our house. Photos play a big part in every room and after we had instax photos taken on our Wedding-Moon I thought this frame was perfect to showcase them. We added an extra bit of string and the white clips so a lot of the small snaps would fit ♥

Having flowers dotted around the house seems to make such a big difference to my mood, not only do I love buying them and feeling special when doing so, it brings a smile to my face every time I spot them on the shelf or dresser. 

I'm not very creative at all, but I do feel proud when I see something on that wonderful site we cal Pinterest, and I'm able to make it my own. I saw this lovely print and white frame that I pinned on my home board, and decided to try and recreate it. It only took picmonkey, a poster print and an eBay frame for this beauty, I love that it welcomes people into our home. 

I probably spend a large amount of time at home, in the living room (usually in the arm chair, usually blogging on my laptop) so this room is the one we've concentrated on most. A few items like a new bookshelf and dresser with lovely blooms on certainly makes the room. We've recently added the gorgeous brick-effect wallpaper and hung on of our favourite wedding party canvas's, it literally feels like it's transformed the space completely. 
This is a collaborative post

Flamingo Gifts

Friday, 20 February 2015

Items c/o Flamingo Gifts

Lifestyle items are some of my favourite things now, be it stationary, items for the home or just pretty decorative beauties that are made for instagram.
The gorgeous Flamingo Gifts are full of such beauts, and have an array of wonderful gifts for yourself as well as loved ones ♥

The fun and affordable gifts range from everything to anything, cushions, candles, decorative signs, even bean bags and blow up dinosaurs! 

The Ted Baker rose gold pen is possibly close to perfection, it's so stylish and pretty, some how I end up feeling like a high end business women....I'd have my Audi keys and brief case in the other hand, obviously! 
The next item I just couldn't say no to was the retro phone, now Sam would disagree is doesn't really belong in our house, but I just adore it! It's a frictional phone and looks awesome. 
Lastly is this gorgeous hanging bird, I thought it was so pretty and lovely as a present for my friend.....who happens to love birds, and her wedding colour is blue. Things like this work so well hung on door handles, or dressing table draws or even just propped up on a book shelf. 

Today we're off to Woolacombe with some friends and the dogs, although it's not been long since our Cornwall trip, I still can't wait to have a Weekend of beachy (cold!) walks and far too much wine.
I'm hoping I can showcase a few outfits while I'm there though, and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch the vlog of the Weekend too ♥

An event to see: The Grand National

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Grand National is one day of the year where everyone in Britain cares about horse racing. Offices and workplaces up and down the country will be subjected by the rattling of sweepstake tins and even the most gambling shy might be seen in a bookies filling out a £2 bet on a “lucky name”. As millions watch up on TV on April 11th, 73,000 spectators will cram into the Grandstand at Aintree to watch over 40 horses take on a 4 mile 3½ furlong course with 30 of the most challenging jumps in racing. Of the 40 odd horses to start as few as 10 will finish, though many of the horses to unseat their jockey will continue to follow the pack, only adding to the fun. In 1928 The National was won by an amateur rider, after all 41 of his competitors dropped out on a particularly foggy day.

The race has been run at The Aintree Racecourse, near Liverpool, for almost 200 years but no one knows exactly when it started. The first “official” running was in 1839, run by a horse named Lottery but the press recorded that it was the 4th Grand National. What is known is that the legendary Grand National course was dreamed up by a hotel owner named William Lynn who began building it in 1829. Most accounts agree that the first race was run in 1935, with jockey Caprion Mark Becher.

Captain Becher gave his name to an iconic obstacle of the Aintree Course, Becher’s Brook. Now a terrifyingly tall fence with a 6ft 9” drop it was an actual stream, 8ft wide, with a short fence 1ft short. Captain Becher fell from his horse, Conrad, during the 1939 race and took shelter in the water from the hooves of the approaching pack. Emerging drenched, but unhurt he remarked that water was unpleasant without the benefit of good whisky.

Of course a lot has changed since the race’s inception. The Grandstand has been rebuilt and expanded and the news from Aintree will arrive instantly around the world, rather than days later by telegram. The Grand National is now sponsored by Crabbie’s and the days experience will feature all sorts of corporate hospitality from dozens of brands. It now has one of the richest purses of racing, with £1 million awarded in 2014.

With tickets starting at £23 the Grand National experience is something to be experienced at least once in your lifetime. There’s nothing really like the raucous, excitable atmosphere of a race day; cheering on the leader with thousands of others. The atmosphere is so magnetic you're bound to get caught up in it and, for a brief while, get a look in at the crazy, unpredictable world of racing! 

This is a collaborative post*

Pedigree Tracks App

Monday, 16 February 2015

As a Veterinary nurse I see a lot of dogs come into practice, for all sorts of reasons. Since working there I've truly noticed the weight problem that seems to haunt dogs in their life, so it really didn't surprise me that 43% of UK dogs are over weight (wow!)
A lot of people aren't aware of this, and we now think a lean dog is "far too skinny" and the dog with no waist line is "perfectly healthy". This really isn't the case, and along with so many health problems, over weight dogs are getting a bad deal- it is their owners, after all, that are feeding them. 

Pedigree have made a wonderful app to help with knowing how much your dog should eat and how much exercise they should be getting on a daily basis. Although this is partnered to work with the Pedigree diet, there's still so much in the app you can use to help you along the way if you struggle with your dogs weight. Sev and I however did use the diet while trialing the app, and it was all so easy and simple to work. Severus seems to like the food (there's not much he doesn't like though!) He eats dry complete dog food, and Pedigree pride them self on theirs supporting the immune system, helping with a healthy skin and coat, good for digestion and helps cleans your dogs teeth too.  

The app starts with taking some general facts about your pooch and you can upload a photo before you get going. A quick "health check" will let you know what your dogs body weight is like, giving you (and the app) a good idea on what you have to do for him to be ideal. As I'm aware, Sev came out as lean, which is perfectly where I want him. Be true to the answers though, as the steps are great for you to check the body condition of your animal.
It will then calculated the food intake your dog should be receiving, and can track the exercise they're having too. You pop in what they're doing (running off lead, going mental in the house etc) and start the timer when they get going. It also gives you some amazing ideas for when it's grey and raining outside, as well as teaching some basic commands and "tricks" that every dog should learn- remember it's about stimulating the mind too!

If you've no idea how to tell your dogs ideal body weight, to struggle to get the activities in daily or if just think this app is an awesome idea (it really is!) then go download Pedigree Tracks app & help your furry friends. 

Things I'm Loving...

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines Day Cards
I'm neither for or against Valentines Day, however coming down to flowers and this card from Sam this morning made my heart flutter. Sam and I had our first date on Valentines Day, so some how it always makes it feel a little more special, especially as our first Valentines as Mr & Mrs.
I also received a card from Crown and Glory (which you can see on my instagram) which was the perfect pick me up from a stressful week ♥

Floral Delights
Not only have I indulged in bringing flowers into the house again this week, after missing out for most of January, I received these beauts from Sam and some gorgeous tulips from my parents when we had them over for dinner last Weekend.
This vase is also a huge favourite of mine, and everyone seems to ask about it on my social media channels too. It was a present from Sam, for Christmas, I think it's so very perfect and pretty. 

Honeymoon Canvas c/o Wall Create
We've slowly been building up our wedding and honeymoon photos and prints. Our living room and hall way has some wonderful memories in frame and on canvas, but I wanted some more around the house (because you can never have enough) I adore this photo that was taken by our friend, Tom, it was on our Fireworks Cruise the week after we got married. It was such a fun night and my heart fills with happiness just looking at it and thinking of what an amazing time we had on that special trip.
You can receive 15% off your order with the code "stephaniedreams" & watch out for a full review and giveaway coming shortly. 

Stephanie Dreams
I'm feeling very content with my blog at the moment, although I'm not getting up as many posts as I like, I still feel happy with what I'm putting out there and the features I'm publishing. I'm trying to push it as much as possible, take up every opportunity and event I'm able to and post what I love to some wonderful readers. I'm also excited with my "Latest Posts" tab, thanks to the wonderful Abby. I hope you're enjoying reading as much as I am posting.

I've recently joined a Disney Brides gift exchange, I spend a small amount of money on a secret pal, and hope to fill their days with joy. In exchange I also have someone send goodies to me, this month was the first and I got this amazing Kate Spade notebook. It's what I'd call perfection, as most Kate items are ♥
I also received a lovely box of goodies from Flamingo Gifts, which I'm excited to share with you in a feature post. For now, here is the amazing Ted Baker Rose Gold pen, hear right!

I found these awesome Disney and Harry Potter inspired scents on Maple and Whisky, as soon as I saw them I got excited I had to make an order! Main Street Bakery is perfection, I could literally close my eyes and picture myself at that magical place ♥ 


Dog Walking with Mountain Warehouse

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Coats and Dog Lead c/o Mountain Warehouse

I love my pretty dresses, heeled boots and making my hair look a little special.....but my life isn't always like that. I love my little family, we're such a dog-friendly trio now, and naturally we adore our dog walks and getting out in that lovely countryside, that we live in ♥

We got to wrap up super cosy on a recent walk thanks to Mountain Warehouse's Dog Walking attire. Sevvy even got a new lead for his adventures. Living in England, even in the warmer months, it can get chilly on long walks. Let alone the low temperatures it's been recently, so our coats did just the trick. 

My gorgeous burgundy fur trim hood waterproof jacket is a dream, such light weight, comfy and I adore the colour too. The hood stays up even in the windiest weathers, which is what we're going to need in a few weeks time when we go down to the coast for the Weekend. 
Sam's coat is just as comfortable and kept him warm too, he can use his as both a soft shell jacket, a waterproof, or all together. He has an "obsession" with soft shells, so this coat is a dream for him- black hides all the muddy dog paw prints too!