We got Married!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Severus Turns ONE

Friday, 17 October 2014

Bed and Treats c/o Feedem

Today my little boy turns one year old! Oh my gosh, I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by ♥

We first met Sevvy when he was only 4 days old, and had the pleasure of picking him up to come home a few months later. He was Severus the day we met him, and so glad that name was our choice from the start, and although it gets some funny looks some times, I adore our little Snape.
He is a fine young gentleman, although he is still a bit of a monkey. He enjoys cuddles, loves getting under the duvet cover with us and still has an argument with the post every day it pops through the door. He is extremely loving but at the same time likes being his own dog, he can jump higher than my head and can swim as well as Rebecca Adlington.
I'm so glad we picked a spaniel, and I'm so glad it was him! He's been hard work, and still is challenging every day but he loves learning and he wants to keep us happy too. 

Happy Birthday my baby boy, we love you with all our heart and so glad our first child was a fluffy brown one that has given us so much joy and happiness.

It's My Wedding Day

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Today at 2pm in Orlando, Florida I will be marrying my best friend and my true prince charming

As you read this, I'll probably still be in bed- as Orlando is 5 hours behind the UK. However in a few hours I'll be awake and excitedly hurrying around with hair and makeup, getting ready for the most important day of my life. We have planned this day for 17 months, and now it's finally here! The day I dreamt about, some times had nightmares about and have been counting down since our beautiful afternoon tea engagement

I have been with this boy for over 6 years and I truly can't wait for him to become my husband, to spend my days walking Sevvy with, and nights drinking fizz with. Dancing in the kitchen with, giggling about nothing with and holding his hand when I really need it. He's always been my forever, and now today it will come true. 

To Sam,
My vows will say it all but I can't wait to see you at the aisle. To put a ring on your finger and start our Happily Ever After. Thank you for always understanding, for being my best friend and always taking my blog photos! I hope everyone finds their someone special, that I have found in you.  


Blogger Photo Shoot

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Being asked to get involved with a blogger photo shoot campaign is certainly one that makes me proud of Stephanie Dreams, and where I've come with this little blog of mine.
I don't deal with high fashion, I'm plus size and I spend the majority of my work in a green tunic!
Getting involved with the Sandwich clothing Autumn/Winter campaign was so much fun, and I got to wear amazing clothes all day after having my hair and makeup done too.

I fell in love with the beige boots, wanted to throw leaves at everyone and may have purchased a new hat! Gemini have some amazing clothes and wonderful brands, and the shop was a dream too. I can't Thank them enough for letting me style up some wonderful outfits. 

I love the Autumn, and although I will be in sunny Florida for most of October, I'm hoping to come back and share some lovely styling with you including an A/W Lookbook!

Guest Post: The Disney Bride

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The giggle is usually followed up by… ‘you’re getting married where? Mickey Mouse walking you down the aisle then huh!’  I smile, shake my head and turn away.
Yes I’m a Disney Bride, and I’m proud of it!  My wedding day is my day to be a princess, and where better to be a princess than at Walt Disney World.
Our decision to marry in Florida wasn't solely based around Disney, when you are trying to bring together two families from different sides of the world, who travels?  Who has to foot the expense and the 24 hour flight?  In my book, we all do!  My family is travelling from Australia to meet us in Florida for our wedding while the rest of us are travelling from London. When we were looking for venue’s, we both went straight for Disney as it’s running through our veins, it’s our happy place, where we like to spend our time and where we truly bonded, we just adore it there.
We've spent the last three years planning and scheming and even took a special trip over to Florida in November last year to see our venues, meet our planning  teams, taste the food, and the cake… man do they know how to cook!  We have an amazing team on our side over there who are going to make me look amazeballs, marry us (the I Do guy as Paul calls him!) transport us, feed us, photograph us, video us, live stream us to the masses, and put on a fireworks show for us!

We are getting married at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion, a purpose built building next to the Grand Floridian Hotel which is all Victorian, beautiful and flowery, and smells amazing (they pump vanilla essence through the air conditioning system).  It has a special magnifying window behind the alter to make Cinderella’s castle appear closer than it actually is, and brings the castle into your ceremony.
After the I do’s our guests will be transported to our reception venue, whilst my new husband and I (eeek!) spend some one on one time with our photographers and videographers.  Our limo will be waiting to take us to join our guests at our reception venue, which is located inside the EPCOT theme park.
The venue has 5 massive windows that look into a 5 million gallon aquarium!  Called the Living Seas Salon, the private space runs the length of the aquarium giving us an our guests a front row seat to all happenings in the tank.  We will be serving hor’oderves during our pre reception, followed by steak, lobster and chicken for our wedding meal.

Assisting us with cutting of the cake are two quite famous ducks… but they won’t be allowed to eat any!

Following the conclusion of our reception we will be again transporting our guests to a private viewing area where we are serving yet more food, cheese and ice cream along with some very special slushie cocktails.  We will have an unobstructed view of the Illuminations fireworks show to finish off the night.

We are so excited and thankful to be able to have our dream wedding in the happiest place on earth!

Our Pre-Wedding Shoot

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Last Weekend we had our pre-wedding shoot on Studland beach. It was such a gorgeous day, the location was dreamy and our photographer was an utter babe.
I've known of Lindsay for some time, but working with her on this shoot was so wonderful and my gosh did she do us proud ♥

On Monday we travel to Orlando to start our wedding adventure. Spending a week out there before we say "I do". I wanted to capture some moments with a little shoot before we become husband and wife, our last while engaged. 

Studland is gorgeous and I really hope to visit again some day soon, it was so quiet and most the time I could only hear small chatter and the waves of the sea. The locations that Lindsay took us were perfection, from beach to grass to sea and even a phone box in between. 

Autumn Greetings

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dress c/o Ghost| Boots c/o Pavers

I truly love the outfit, for me it was the outfit that truly started Autumn style for me! The hat, the boots, the pretty dress......just yes yes yes. 
I feel a little cheated on because October in this country is one of my favourite months, but I'm going to be missing a the majority of it. I still have an Autumn/Winter Lookbook planned for you, so hopefully I can fit in lots of wonderful outfits on our return. 

This dress is so perfect and pretty, I love the nude colour and with my dark hair looks just gorgeous. I'm so pleased with the boots too, as they fit my fat calves *amen* They're so comfy and I love how they can put a casual country look on an otherwise dressed up look. Give me a chunky knit and a tartan scarf, that will be Autumn sorted! 

That's me signed off for the next few weeks, the next posts you see will be a mix of scheduled and guest posts (Thank you girls!) So I do hope you enjoy them ♥
I'll be sharing wedding and honeymoon photos on twitter and instagram, so be sure to stayed connected @StephDreamsBlog 

Home Sense Haul

Thursday, 2 October 2014

I was lucky to visit the new Home Sense store on the first day of the Swindon store opening. 
Being sent there as part of the blogging campaign, I got to pick out a few goodies and share them with my lovely readers. You can see the full haul on my YouTube channel.

Home Sense is the sister company to TK Maxx, so as you can imagine there was an array of everything beautiful and pretty for your home, at utterly amazing prices. Although our home ware is pretty stocked up, I always feel there's more bits and pieces you can buy to put your own stamp on it or change it around during seasons. 

I decided to spend my vouchers on some new towels, a pretty notebook, some gorgeous smelling candles, a trinket box, some hangers, pasta bowls and very excitingly some milk bottles ♥