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Blossoming Gifts

Friday, 28 August 2015

Flowers c/o Blossoming Gifts
I love having a flower delivery it makes me feel super special, they brighten the house up and they put a huge smile on my face too ♥

Blossoming gifts have a range of gorgeous blooms, that are delivered so quickly and easily and even the cheap flowers are beautiful. As well as being able to order flowers, you can get hampers, plants, wine and other personalised gifts on there too- it's literally the one stop shop for friends and family on their Birthday, or even just tell them you love them.

I adore how this bunch brighten up our living room, but are so classy and gorgeous at the same time. They're two of my favourite blooms, so they make the perfect bunch. I' actually hoping (dreaming/wishing/fingers crossed) for that Sam gets me a mini wedding bouquet replica for our First Wedding Anniversary...the lavender roses will be mine.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend! I'm so looking forward to 3 days off, it's going to start with wine this evening. I'm also looking after my beautiful nephew tomorrow morning and will be spending some time with all three pooches- in between a few shoots from Stephanie Dreams Photography.
I'm on the look out for some new pet insurance, and am thinking of heading to Argos for it. If nothing else, working at the Vets has totally taught me that it's the most valuable thing ever.
Enjoy your Weekend my loves, and be ready to see my instagram full of babies, pooches, and good food & drink ♥

Orange Blossoms

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dress c/o Izabel London| Shoes c/o Jones Bootmaker| Cardie from Primark

This weeks outfit post is a style I truly love and enjoy wearing ♥
It's a mix of summer dress, with hints of cardigans and ankle boots. I love when the sunshines but I love Autumn and the feel of everything freshening up while the leaves start to get crunchy. 
The dress is the perfect colour of red and orange and I love the flowing top with the pleated skirt, along with the beautiful ankle boots, it works so well together ready for the transitioning seasons.

Another long Weekend happened again, one with wonderful friends, good food and many beautiful flowers. I'm so fortunate of the people I have in my life, and it's Weekends like this one that make me appreciate them even more.
I would love for an extra day on the Weekend though, just to get over the busy days.....we can rename Monday, duvet day!! 

Along with the new Autumn wardrobe, I'm on the look out for some new makeup too. The Urban Retreat makeup looks just beautiful, and would be the perfect way to add a few luxary pieces into my collection. I can't wait to get back into red lips and and bronzed cheeks. Darker lips are always the one thing I adore most when the colder weather comes, you can never have enough of all the new releases. 
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"Walkies" App

Monday, 24 August 2015

Walkies is a dog walking tracker app that helps get your furry friend healthy and fit, by doing what they love to do- walking and running. Map your dog walk and track your distance, average speed, top speed, and the calories burned by both you and your pet. Save and print your dog walks, email and message them, or share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
As well as tracking your pets walks, it also gives ideas of top walks in your local area, which we really love as we're always looking for our next canine adventure together.
I loved using the app, it's super easy to just have it running on your phone while you walk- although I think we need to get Sevvy a backpack so he can actually be tracked himself (he certainly runs and walks further and faster than me)

The beautiful Fred uses the app on his blog Fit Fred. So it's great to see it in action by others too. As canine obesity is a huge problem in the UK, and almost of half of Vets have treated dogs for obesity related conditions in the last 12 months. Working as a Veterinary Nurse I see this all the time, and love the idea of Fred's blog as it as they share pet recipes, expert nutrition advice as well as following Fred's fitness story to help create a nation of happy and healthy dogs.

I'd love to hear about your dog walks, let me know in the comments or tweet me where you like to go. Our every day route is along the gorgeous Avon and Kennet Canal, but we love local parks and woodland areas too.
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How I Make YouTube Videos

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Although I'm far from a pro in the YouTube world, I thought I'd share how I make my videos and the basics equipment that I use for it ♥

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Hardly Ever Worn It

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Buying and selling clothes are probably two of my favourite things. I love a good spree, but you'll also find me flogging my dresses and skirts on different sites when I've fallen out of love with them but still think they deserve a few pennies of there Goodbye.

I've recently come across Hardly Ever Worn It which is an international marketplace for buying and selling luxury and designer brands. Selling worldwide for Women, Men and Children with a passionate team dedicated to both buyers and sellers. It even has a few A-Lister's that have used the site too!

It is a really easy system of buying or selling where "Hardly Ever Worn It" are the middle man, to make sure you love the item you bought or you keep safe and get your money from the item you've just sold.

I of course couldn't help but have a sneaky little look, so thought I'd share my lust list with you. The have items from £10 to £10,000 and all the designers and brands you could dream of- so there really is something for everyone.


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Summer Autumn Gaze.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Dress c/o House of Fraser| Kimono from Primark| Boots from Brantano

This Weekend has been a bit of a busy one, and although I've had amazing times with friends and family, worked on Stephanie Dreams Photography and managed to snap a few bits and pieces for the blog....I think I could do with another day off.

The weather seemed perfect for my outfit on Saturday, the large green print made me feel Summer like but adding the kimono and boots really put an Autumnal feel on it. I hate to be that person looking forward to the leaves crisping up, but unless the sun wants to put it's hat on, Autumn is where my heart lies ♥
The gorgeous shift dress works perfectly with the dark colours, but I can easily see it with flip flops along the beach too.

We've recently booked our "Summer Holiday" so I'm dreaming of a Primark trip and hoping to get a bit of a tan before Autumn truly does kick in. 


Saving For a Large Purchase

Thursday, 13 August 2015

I'm so excited to say that for our First Wedding Anniversary, we're going to Disneyland Paris....Yes! We're going to be at the magical for our very special first anniversary.

And if you hadn't noticed, I'm bloody excited ♥

We weren't going to go as we're saving for a "big" Disneyland Paris trip, next year, with two of our very close friends. We're so excited about that holiday, and we're going all out, staying in a Disney Hotel and having a day or two in Paris as well. I want to experience Disneyland Paris restaurants, make the most of the extra magic hours and have a fab time with our friends...which probably means "drinking around the lake" at every Disney hotel!

Because of that, we wanted to do something low key, but celebrate of Anniversary all the same. Disney is our special place, our happy place, a place we love, so being there just seemed right and I'm so happy about it. We're staying off site and flying cheaply to keep the price down. I sneaky reservation at California Grill for the 12th, has been made though- shhhhush! Don't tell my bank balance.

I thought I'd share some money saving tips with you, that we can actually stick too...afterall, spending money is a little too easy for me.
*Make a shopping list of meals, and stick to it. Buying unneeded groceries can be a waste and really not helpful when you're saving
*Sell your clutter on eBay or even at a car boot. I love having a clear out, and earning some money while you do it is only a good thing
*Ask yourself "Do I really need this?" This is a big one for me, and although I'm getting better, I still can't say no to certain Primark purchases
*Walk or cycle to work. So, Sam is doing this. Not so much me, though
*Turn off your lights and TV. Sam is awful for having the Television on as background noise and I'm forever leaving a light on when I go upstairs, and then end up forgetting about it
*Budget what you earn- remembering bills, petrol and your lifestyle. Then use an account, such as the TSB Savings account for the rest. Keeping our savings away from our spending always works well for us
*Invite friends over, instead of going out. I love a good dinner party and next Weekend we are actually hosting a Garden Party. Lets hope the sun shines!

Just remember you can save for that large purchase, any savings count and if it gets you your dream- it can only be a good thing.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Everest is challenging people of the internet to blog or tweet, with a photo of their pet in a window. They want to see how happy your pets are, looking out into the world from a window.

As we all know Severus is a little poser, so we of course took this up and entered the competition. Not only is it fun, but you can also win a £50 voucher for pets at home ♥

All you have to do is pop over and enter. Everest will give £5 to the RSPCA (registered charity number 219099) for everyone who enters, up to a maximum of £5,000. You can enter online here  or using the hashtag #petsinwindows via Twitter

There's really no reason not to snap away and enter!

Teaming up with Everest Home Improvements to help the RSPCA with abandoned and unwanted pets that need a home, is such a wonderful thing and it's so easy to do. Thankfully Sevvy has a wonderful roof over his head and double glazed windows to keep him warm but making time for those four legged friends who aren't as lucky is really important.

You can follow Everest Home Improvements on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on their latest deals and offers, and should also check out their top quality double glazing
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On Becoming an Aunty...

Monday, 10 August 2015

Meet Jaxson Nicholas Luke ♥

 I never thought I'd be an Aunty, it's just not something that ever really crossed my mind and even when Becky told me she was pregnant it still didn't become a big deal until I actually met the little man.
I don't want children, we don't want children, we don't think we'll have children, so little Jaxson bear may just be the changing or the making of that....I have a feeling puppies will still win strong.My sister and I have a strained relationship, although I know she's always there for me and she would help the best she could, a friendship is never something we had.

I feel like the most special part of Jaxson joining us in this world is that Becky and I are becoming more close, and that feeling is so wonderful, something I've longed for for so long and makes me cry with happiness.

People keep asking if it's making me broody, which it honestly isn't (yet) but it's a wonderful feeling. It's a feeling of content and happiness, I want to show him off and I feel I want to protect him already. I just feel so much love and warmth for this little dude, nothing like I've ever felt for a baby before and not that I ever will do again....unless she pops out another one

I feel so proud of my sister, I love her more and more each time I see him and she's just getting on with it and being a pretty awesome Mum.

♥ My jobs as "The Best Aunty Ever" include- photo shoots, all the photos shoots. I'm planning his 1/2 Birthday and 1st Birthday including cake smash, already. As well as his new born photos, which you can see more of on Stephanie Dreams Photography
♥ Buying him the coolest outfit, to make him look like the most dapper dude. We're off on a canal boat day at the Weekend, so he obviously has to have anchor print dungaree's for the occasion.♥Planning Birthday parties, not one Becky really knows about yet, but I am so excited to help with his 1st Birthday.

♥ Disney trips, I've penciled in his first one for his 3rd Birthday. We'll be going to Disneyland Paris, I'd book it already if I could!
♥ Walking with him down the aisle when Becky & Josh get married. I sort of shot gunned this job, but it only seems right I do it. They're getting married next December and I can't wait to see my beautiful sister looking the most beautiful and walking with her little man who is going to possibly steal the show in his bow tie and waist coat (again, this is yet to be arranged but I'm thinking Bex will go for it!)


Lavender Fields

Thursday, 6 August 2015

A few weeks ago I managed to track down a lavender field not too far from where we live ♥

We decided to visit on Sunday afternoon, and it was the perfect relaxing day...I'm not sure if these are signs I'm getting old.
The lavender was stunning, I could have stopped and photographed it all day. Since then I've even seen family photo shoots in some of the lavender farms up and down the country, I think it's such a lovely idea as the colour is perfection for loving family memories.

We strolled up and down the lavender, as well as the other flower gardens they had, stopped for a quick lemonade and slice of cake and snapped some photos of Sevvy in between the gorgeous purple flowers.

I'm hoping to visit again soon, hopefully with an outfit post to photograph or maybe even a photo shoot of my own.