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Friday, 18 April 2014

Tshirt and Cardigan c/o Uniqlo| Shorts from Next| Shoes from Primark

I think by now you all know Sam, my lovely fiancé, best friend, kind soul and wonderful Daddy (to Severus) You may, however, not know that he's also my #1 photographer for my outfit posts. At the drop of a hat he is out in the garden, down the canal, or along the fields with me trying to snap my outfits. He hardly moans, and honestly I think some times he rather enjoys it ♥

Uniqlo wanted to send Sam some delightful pieces to style, in his very own outfit post, and I think he's done very well!
His style is very casual and easy going, although I'd love him to don a tweed jacket and chelsea boots, his every day look is just perfect for almost everything he does. I love the red tee on him, the sleeve length is just perfect and the cardigan adds something a little more smarter. Change the shorts for trousers and he'd be good to have a Sunday lunch with the family.

Sams top tips for photographing fashion bloggers
* Do what they say at all times, it's not worth your while to argue.
* Take lots of photos, just keep clicking, there will never be enough.
* Put some effort in, in the long run this will save time so you don't have to re-shoot them.
* Steph always seems a little grumpy first off, so I always remind her to smile.
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Haute Honeymoon Sunglasses

Sunglasses are to the honeymoon what the dress is to the big day. As well as protect your eyes they need to frame your face. And with the necessary romance and flattery. Not to mention make the photo album truly something else too. Whilst taking in the architecture, galleries or gardens of a beautiful city you mustn’t be upstaged by the beauty of the location. Or its inhabitants. The holiday of a lifetime calls for haute sunglasses.
If you are honeymooning this year there’s no better time than now to get your sunglasses. With the pick of the latest collections you are spoilt for choice.
The 4213 Filigrana is inspired by the elaborate metalwork on the Dolce and Gabbana autumn/winter 13 catwalk. A beautiful layered filigree detail forms delicately wrought temples open all the way through. On trend 3D flowers sit on the temples. This stunning frame is handcrafted from Italian acetate, the world’s finest. A gentle oversized cat eye shape makes this frame flattering to all that wear it.
Bulgari is a brand that a woman will buy for herself, not wait for it to be given. It’s a symbol of independence and self preservation, two things that every woman should treasure in their marriage just as much as in their single lives. With the Bulgari Diva she puts herself on a pedestal. Audacious luxury is formed from four fan shapes inspired by Bulgari’s high jewellery. Sixty-six crystals are hand placed on the temples. Eternal beauty is one way that Bulgari describes itself. Who doesn’t want to aspire to that?
Navy is one of the chicest colours there is especially when it comes to Celine’s. This flattering version of the house’s iconic Audrey is just as glamorous and flattering, it’s just slightly smaller. It’s perfect for those that don’t want the extreme size of the original. Navy blue is a subtle but striking twist for sunglasses. It works beautifully with neutrals and looks gorgeous when you pile on tone on tone blue for some catwalk inspired coordination. It’s a great way to calm down the season’s technicolour brights too. This is a really versatile and sophisticated alternative to classic black.
Signatures from the great fashion houses have stood the test of time. Hopefully you’re marriage will follow suit. The Chanel 5285 is inspired by the octagonal shape of the Place de Vendôme that Coco Chan el could view from her famous apartment on the Rue Cambon, Paris. It would inspire the shape of the stopper of Chanel’s iconic fragrance; No. 5.It doesn’t get more romantic than this. Match your signature scent with this elegant oversized frame .The stunning temple piece is hand filled with enamel.

An elegant cat eye displays beautiful layering. This is a contemporary take on the feminine cat eye. Large lovely soft upswept sculpture is backed by crystal and metal layers. The temple tips feature spheres inspired y the metal jewellery that adorns the DiorBar 1 bag. High impact black backed by crystal makes for an elegant lady like take on the prevailing monochrome trend.

Roses and Pink

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Flowers c/o Serenata Flowers

I'm not sure what is better than getting fresh flowers delivered to your door, and these blooms are certainly beautiful! Since moving out of home flowers have become a luxury that I didn't even know I cared for, but having a new bunch each week brighten up my vases just some how makes the whole house smile ♥

I adore the bright colours of these, aren't sunflowers just wonderful and the roses just make my heart skip a beat. They are no doubt my favourite, although I know that cliché- it's true, and these ones are lasting such a long time. 
As well as flowers Serenata offer plants, chocolates and even hampers (sign me up for them all!!) So if you're looking for a present for a loved one then this is the place to go, quick and easy service and you're certainly going to be in the good books after these arrive....even if they are a present to yourself.
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I Wrote a Song For You

Monday, 14 April 2014

Tee from Newlook| Skirt c/o French Connection| Clutch c/o Vintage Styler

How wonderful is the sun, it makes me think "Ah! Life, how wonderful you really are". Walking down the canal, sipping Asti (my fav) with friends, the dogs running around and having the best time ever, BBQ food and just general love and happiness ♥

I got to wear this stunning skirt and stripe top combo, the colour of the skirt is perfect and makes me excited when I even look over these photos. I'm obviously saving it for honeymoon, as I seem to be doing with everything else! French Connection skirts just make my heart flutter, so many pretty patterns and wonderful colours. 
I wanted to pair it with this gorgeous gold number, it's so pretty I can't even tell you. They have a wonderful selection of bridal clutches too....so something may be on the cards.

My head has certainly been filled with wedding-ness recently, even without me realising. I feel totally out of twitter, not really being so friendly with loved ones and enjoying nothing and pj's a little more than I should be. 
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Wedding Vendors Worth Shouting About

Saturday, 12 April 2014

With 6 months getting closer and closer, I wanted to share with you some of the lovely people that will be helping me along the way ♥
As our wedding is abroad, as well as having a party back here, there is a mix and match of every one I love and that has helped with my plans along the way...no doubt making the "big day" something Sam and I can shout about. 


Regina has been shooting Disney Weddings for a long time now, so she knows her way around! I adore her simple but elegant feel, but at the same time her photography is very fun and bright- something Sam and I are really wanting to portray. She's also bloody amazing, emailing me back straight away and always coming with great ideas. If you're getting married in Florida she's so worth a look, and her prices really couldn't be better. I can't wait for you to snap our special day Regina

Hair and Beauty
True Love Bridal Beauty
Another beaut to be working with for our wedding. This time Sam doesn't get to see in on this one and the wonderful Lauren and her team are making myself, bridesmaids and mum look just gorgeous for the big day. Hair and makeup all sorted, it's something none of us have to stress about and worry about the Florida heat. I think I'll be going for a pretty, not to done, gold/bronze tones and the girls will be very simple and fresh with matching lip colours.
A lot of Disney brides pick the same hair and beauty for their weddings, so I'm excited to step out that comfort zone and Lauren has certainly made this easy for me.

Photo Booth 
When I say I can't wait for Emily to do our vintage inspired photo booth, for our wedding party, I truly mean it! When I set my eyes on her amazing photo booth set up, I knew it could be the one, and as a photo whore I knew it was something we had to have for our party at home. We've picked the vintage booth to fit in with our rustic/vintage theme for the evening, and no doubt I'll be the one that's being snapped away more than any one else. If you're looking for a photobooth, please check Emily and her fabulous booth out. 

Hair Accessories
Come on now, does this come as a surprise to anyone? Sophie and the Crown and Glory team are my go to hair accessories loves, and really there was no one else to pick for my special head wear! I have picked my hen party crown, we're in talks about my bridal hair pieces, as well as a few special ears too (!!!!) Crown and Glory have an array of beautiful pieces, perfect to buy straight away or they do offer a custom design for those who are a little more creative. Both of which are very affordable options, and the gorgeous Sophie can help you stick to any sort of budget you may have.

Converse Embroidery 
I've not hid that fact that Sam and I, and the whole wedding party, are wearing matching converse on our wedding day. It's something I saw, got in my head, and knew we had to do! I wear flats all the time, and live in my converse during the warming months, so it seemed the perfect thing to do. Our wedding is casual, fun, and easy going and our foot wear will certainly shout that to the crowds. 
When Liz first got in touch I was so excited about the thought of them being personally hand embroidered, so she will be doing something special for this dream wedding of ours. Stitches and Lace offer a fantastic service, as well as buying your converse from them straight away to be personalised too! 
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The Chunky Knit

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Cardigan c/o She Likes| Tshirt and jeans from Primark

Recently my casual wardrobe has improved a huge amount, I found a love of jeans, bought too many tshirts to think about and spent all my money on honeymoon clothes ♥
Primark has been my go to shop (like it wasn't already!) for some holiday items, I get excited about the goodies I'm saving for that very special trip.

This cardie is just perfect for cosy, comfy outfit days and I love how the high waisted ankle grazer jeans look with these boots. My curly locks certainly look the part and make this outfit work even more. My no colouring is going well, although I am struggling a bit now. The colour changes every time I wash before of how I stripped it previously, I'm trying to see the roots as a positive for how long my hair is growing.  
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Spring Time Floral

Monday, 7 April 2014

Bag c/o Sammy Dress| Dress, Cardie, Coat and belt from Primark

The sunshine seems to make everything better, it really does. Leaving work when it's still light makes me all sorts of happy, rocking the florals and grabbing my converse as my staple footwear....happy happy happy. 

I bought this dress and belt from Primark last month, I've been trying to improve my belt wearing as I feel a bit lost when it comes to them. This tunic dress screamed Spring time at me, and I loved how pretty it looked but has such a casual vibe with it to. The pastel pink bag is also a new favourite in my wardrobe, how amazing is the colour and the style!!
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This week is countdown until we can book the last bits for the wedding, some of which are really important and more so we (almost) get our final guest count. From transport, the wedding meal, desserts, and videography it will hopefully all be confirmed and planned....just the paying for bit that seems to be the problem!
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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Polaroid photos c/o Printic

I love photos, instagram is probably one of my favourite apps, I could look through Facebook friends photos all day and no doubt blog photography has given me a passion I'd never imagined.
I am so thrilled I found a new app, that is able to make my pretty virtual photos into actual prints looking beautifully like Polaroid snaps. You can order within the app, from your phone from Facebook, instagram and or your libary. Other bonuses include quick as a flash postage, and being able to customise photos- maybe for the perfect gift, as well as this you can pay with paypal and the photos are just so affordable ♥

Go and download Printic now, and get printing those special memories 
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