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Summer Shop Floral

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Top and Hat c/o Newlook| Jeans and Sandals from Primark
It's true.....the sun is out and you're seeing an outfit post from me.
After my last outfit post, explaining you'd be seeing less from me and more lifestyle posts- I've actually missed showing you my outfits and what I'm wearing- I feel like I'm back!

Having the sunshine is making everything better. I'm keen to finish work and not get in my pj's, but walk the dogs and actually see some of the day. Weekends should now be full of BBQ's, beach trips and wearing no jackets.
The plus size holiday shop at Newlook has been a place for me to lust over what I'm going to be buying this summer. This floral tee has become a staple in my wardrobe, I love how effortless it looks with jeans and sandals, but so pretty too. From swimwear and dresses, to sunglasses and bags- the holiday shop has everything for your holiday by the pool, trip to the English coast or get away to Disneyland (we can all dream)
It's getting to that time when I'm starting to feel anxious with the amount of plans I have. Two hen Weekends, night duties at work, trips to London and 3 close friends wedding's, certainly tops me off until June!
Along with Stephanie Dreams, work, my new found love of photographing Sev (for 3_spaniels) and starting a new venture, which will soon be discussed, I feel like I've got enough going on for now ♥

How To Make Your Pet Famous

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I recently found an article from co-operative insurance that caught me eye, maybe because I'm a crazy dog mum, and maybe because it's really very true about what they were saying.
A (maybe crazy) 24% of dog owners and 23% of cat owners lead their pets online life, from Facebook to Instagram, our four legged friends have it.
If you want to read more about how you can make your pet famous you can read the whole post here

As many of you may know, I am along the 24% of us that run an instagram account for my woofers. The joint venture from Alfie, Tilly & Sev is run through the eyes of Severus and certainly grows in likes and followers more than my own personal account. For me, I'm unsure if I want the fame for Sevvy, but it's simply because I love photography, and there's nothing better than seeing a well photographed picture of your adorable pet!
It's become rather the obsession, setting up photo shoots for him and making sure he's got the right props for certain looks. I spend more time scrolling through their "friends" accounts, and using the right hashtags to draw attention to our own. 

It's something I really enjoy, and Sevvy takes it all in his stride too- some how knowing he has to do what he's told when I point and shoot. I'm excited to have Alfie & Tilly around for a week, while my parents are on holiday. It's been a while since I've managed to take some lovely photos of the three of them together. 

If you want to join the pooches in their quest for fame (ha!) then you can follow them @3_spaniels on instagram and twitter.
Two of my other fav accounts are @3blondedogs & @elvisandthegirls 

Our Bradford-on-Avon Adventure

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Our lovely County is so pretty, it's the path way of many great escapes from Dorset to London as well as the pretty countryside and canal walks it has to offer it self ♥

Bradford on Avon, in Wiltshire, is really just "up the road" from us but never some where we've truly explored. A very pretty town, with a similar feel to it as Bath City, full of good places to eat and wonderful things to see.
After hearing about a dog friendly cafe that did an awesome breakfast, The Lock Inn, I knew it was time to get our adventure shoes on and go for a day out. We started with a great breakfast, the cafe is both on a unused canal boat in pretty summer houses in the garden, and also in the main cafe- perfect for anyone who loves something a little different. We walked down the canal, stopping at the boutique shops and ending at mine (and Sev's) new favourite shop, Fetch Pet Shop.

A filled belly, a wonderful walk and few treats for the pooch and we felt like we'd explored the town and some of it's gems. We will, of course, be back. With a filled purse and an empty stomach, for our next adventure. 
Fetch Pet Shop

Fetch is possibly everything you need in a pet shop, it's the perfect amount of "want and need" products, as well as a great location and beautiful shop. The lady in there was so helpful and lovely, and Sev was even allowed in for a little nosy of his wishlist. There's more than enough on my wishlist too, the large dog food tin, a new collar and some yummy treats- what makes him happy, makes me happy....spoilt Severus!

Gifts & Floral Delights

Monday, 6 April 2015

Spring Flowers c/o Debenhams| Wooden Trug c/o Getting Personal

I love flowers around the house all year round, it's my weekly treat when I pop to the supermarket or have some left over money and happen to swing past M&S. They brighten my day, brighten my mood and never fail to put a smile on my face, I honestly can say they're one of my favourite things.
These beauties came from Debenhams, and they really are the perfect bunch to welcome in the lighter evenings ♥
I think a flower delivery is the perfect gift for any loved one, a treat for yourself or a hint for the hubby to buy you...just because. They have a great selection and it's certainly worth a little look, can I have a bunch for every room?

My wonderful readers also can get an awesome 25% off with the discount code "

Apple Crate c/o| Getting Personal

What's the perfect way to photograph my stunning flowers, in my even prettier trug! Oh my, it makes my heart skip a beat. I'm totally adoring home wares at the moment (like it ever stopped!) and so the apple crate and trug are perfect to join our little home.
Getting Personal is the best website for any gift ideas with a personal touch, I bought a few items from them when I was wedding planning, and I love browsing to see what's new. I think their gifts are truly affordable but show how much care and effort has gone into picking the special present, too. I've got my eye on the Mutts and Hounds bow tie (for Sev) as my next purchase....I do think he's getting more treats than me at the moment. 

Our Easter Party

Friday, 3 April 2015

As the crazy fur-mum that I am, I decided to hold a Easter Party for the woofers and thought I'd share some of the photos with you- to celebrate Easter Weekend on Stephanie Dreams ♥

I am much looking forward to a long Weekend, although I have to work Sunday (which always seems like the longest shift ever) it will be nice to have a few days off and enjoy it with my boys. Personally, Easter holds chocolate times for me, as well as family times and being with your loved ones. I always love an excuse to get together, usually with champagne and cake and celebrate each other, celebrate life. What ever Easter means to you, I hope it's one you enjoy and love.

All three dogs crowed around a pretty table, dog-friendly cupcakes on the stand, bunny toys keep them company, flowers blooming and one chocolate Easter egg to share.....I do treat my pooches well.
When I found The Hungry Hounds Bakery my heart skipped a beat, obviously I love doing all this, spending money and time on Sev, Alfie & Tilly is what gets me excited and inspires me to take wonderful pet photography and have fun with them too. I had some Easter cupcakes made, and they were just delightful. All natural ingredients, and perfect for any pooch, they looked amazing and the dogs gobbled them down. The delivery was quick, affordable and it was way too easy to order- in fact I'm trying to think of an excuse to order more.
Along with some help from Pets at Home, and decor from wonderful Home Bargains, I had my self a little party that we all enjoyed for the Afternoon.

I'd love to know what you're doing this Weekend, with your two legged friends....or four.