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Sugarhill Boutique Heart Collar Dress

Friday, 5 February 2016

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought it best to get into the heart felt mood and wear the prettiest most perfect dress known for Valentines Day.
The gorgeous Daryl knit dress, from Sugarhill Boutique, is just so so lovely for any Valentines day plans. From snuggling up with a four-legged friends, cocktails out with the girls, or a cute meal with your partner. It really is the most lovely dress, that can be dressed and styled for all sorts of occasions.

Sam will actually be at work this Valentines Day, and we may just about exchange a sweet card [or if I'm lucky some pretty flowers] but I still just love the love of Valentines Day. The hearts, the prettiness and the love just sort of makes my heart flutter.
The balloon is the perfect present, to my self. How sweet it is?! I think bubble balloons are my new favourite thing, and I can't wait to see others they come up with for different occasions. 
If you're looking for something else for a loved one, or to treat yourself with, the Blossoming Gifts roses are just the prettiest. You can also get 33% off a bouquet with the code "BGIFTS33". Aren't I the luckiest girl, balloons and flowers, you make my dreams comes true ♥

Coat from Primark| Dress c/o Sugarhill Boutique| Balloon c/o The Giant Balloon Company| Red Roses c/o Blossoming Gifts

Meet Lily

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Two weeks ago Lily joined the Walton residence to come along with all our adventures ♥

Getting another dog had been on both our minds for some time and after thinking about it long and hard we started to research into different litters and then came across Lily's little in Portsmouth.
They were born on November 24th, and on January 16th [just a few days before she turned 8 weeks old] we went to pick her up and welcome her into our home.

Severus of course needed his Lily, and that's where her name came from, something that was obviously going to happen way before we even started looking at puppies.
She is a black working Cocker Spaniel, so we really are a spaniel family now.
She had her first vaccine the day we got her [this isn't advised!] and she was chipped the same day as she was so brave about it. Her second vaccines this coming week and then in a couple of weeks following that.
Lily seems to be keen on food, so we're hoping that helps us with her training. However she isn't as on the ball like Sev was, she gets distracted very easily so I think we may have our work cut out.
Her first puppy party was on Wednesday, where she was too interested in sniffing around than playing with the other pups. 3 more parties will follow, and then we start "Puppy School" just a few days after she turns 12 weeks old.

Lily is already Severus best friend, but I don't think he agrees so much. Although he is being a very good boy, he still needs some peace and quiet and we often find he's taken himself up to the bedroom, in his bed up there. They play well though, although it is very "teethy" puppy play at the moment and at times he'll let her snuggle up to him but he does have to be pretty tired to let her do that. He has become a little more clingy, but generally we haven't seen to much jealousy or any other behaviour to worry about. It's no doubt going to take time for him, and he's truly being such a good boy about it all.

So far Lily is a bit cheeky, very interested in everything, totally besotted with her brother, loves eating grass in the garden, sits well [although I'm pretty sure it's fluke most the time], is sleeping well over night in her crate and gives great kisses just Sevvy.

Valentines Day Breakfast

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Valentines Day is fast approaching and apart from everything heart shaped, the thing I most love is treating Sam to a yummy breakfast.

There's no hiding that we both love our food, and having and excuse to have a yummy breakfast is just perfect ♥
Oak Furniture UK wanted me to share how I dressed my table for Valentines Day, I obviously picked breakfast, as it's my favourite part of the day, and actually the time where Sam and I sit and chat at the dining table the most.

Although I love getting things "set up" and made to look pretty, I'm still a totally normal blogger...look! I burnt the egg and everything.
I think the cute heart confetti makes the table pop, and the cheeky sweet treats add to making it a super special day.

What will you be doing this Valentines Day, snacking on the sofa, cuddling up with your pooches, having cocktails with friends or eating breakfast with your loved ones.

Thirty Before 30

Monday, 25 January 2016

Early this month I turned 28, Twenty Eight! I don't think I'm dealing with growing older very well, but I'm not really sure why. I want to turn that around and be excited and happy about doing things I love, even if it means every day I get a little older ♥

Because of this I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of "Thirty Before 30". 30 things I really want to do, a mini bucket list if you like, that I want to tick off the list before the time I turn 30 on January 1st 2018. This gives me just under 2 years to get going!

I've decided to share 10 with you, mainly because I'm a little sensible and am over thinking what I'd actually be able to do. So for now, 10, but there will be updates and more to follow.

Throw Lily her first Birthday Party. Yes, I throw my dogs Birthday parties. Severus has had both a first and second Birthday party, and of course Lily will follow...just with more pink and glitter.

Visit Richmond Park. It's a place I see photos of and want to visit. It will be a pretty and [hopefully] an easy one to achieve.

Complete the Half Marathon. In April I'm running a half marathon. I don't really care about time, because I'll be honest with you- I'm not where I should be on the training front. However, it will just be such a massive achievement if I actually finish it.

Four.Capture my nephews First Birthday with a "Cake Smash" photo shoot. I am so excited for this, and it's the kind of child photography that I love. I can't wait to see it all come together and his little face when he gets to eat the cake!!!

Give blood. Another super easy one, but one I've never managed to do in my life. This will change, and I will give blood.

Go to Columbia Road flower market. It's been on the list to do for so long, so I'm totally going to make it happen. Flowers are my favourite.

Continue to grow, and love, Stephanie Dreams Photography. I'd love to be thinking about making it an actual job at the end of next year. I have a long way to go but it's something I am so passionate about and taking couples Wedding photos is literally a dream come true. [See my photography website here]

Get fitter. So, this sort of goes along with the half marathon, so maybe it's a bit of cheat one. We all know I'm fat, and this isn't really about going on a diet, but more my general lifestyle and actually being fit. I hope to keep up running, so I can actually walk up the stairs without getting out of breathe.

Hit 2000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. It's something I've really kicked up the ass in the last few years, and I really really love it. I love when a video goes live, and I love the creativity of making a one. I think the theme is following my blog, Disney, dogs and vlogs. If you'd like to make my day and watch some videos and subscribe you can do so here.

Be at Disneyland Paris for my 30th Birthday. Ideally staying at Disneyland Hotel [but the sensible side of me thinks that would be silly!] Sadly we can't make it back to Walt Disney World for a few years yet, but my love for Disneyland Paris has just grown and grown, so I'll be more than happy to spend my Birthday with that gorgeous castle and Donald Duck.

January Primark Haul

Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Perfect Armchair

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

All armchairs from Multiyork

So, it seems I'm at it again....dreaming of my forever home, this time we're heading to the living room ♥

Sam and I have recently bought a new sofa, which I'm so so excited about! It's big enough to have cuddles with the Hubby, as well as all of the dogs. It will no doubt be my part time work station, full time lounge station and make our living room feel a little more homely and social.
The sad thing about it is that we have to move our gorgeous armchair, as there's no room for it any more *sob*

This has, of course, got me thinking about the armchair for our dream home. I am some what an armchair convert since owning one, I love that it's so cosy but it's just your own chair, I also sit on it far too much with my laptop, flicking through blog posts of editing videos.

These beauties are certainly in my top lust list of chairs I'd love in my home.
I love the mix of modern and cosy, traditional but country house. I can literally imagine snuggling up with Sev on the leather one and getting lost in a good book and a blanket. I really also love how armchairs don't always have to fit in, they're their own thing, and work so well like that. Such a statement piece that adds so much character and personality to a room.

I hope you've been following my Snapchat for all the puppy spam [Stephdreamsblog] and saw my last post for a sneaky glimpse too. Don't worry though, she'll have a blog post all of her own very shortly.

This is a collaborative post

Primark Stripe Dress and Cardigan

Monday, 18 January 2016

I'm rather excited to be sharing a Winter outfit post for you...a new outfit, and a new puppy ♥

I feel like I've come full swing with my outfit posts recently, there's no doubt I really love them and I'm getting excited about them again, my problem now seems to be the lack of clothes I have to share with you. I certainly am picking pretty [usually Disney] bits from our home, spoiling the dogs, or booking adventures, over a little clothing spree. Saying that I am excited for the new Primark season to launch, I hate this in between stage where there's just lots of nothing.

I really can't get enough of this long thick cardigan, I seem to be wearing it with everything and anything. I love how the grey lightens the black I'm wearing a lot of, even though it's still an obvious monochrome look, I love the different textures and feels it has, super cosy for a chilly day breakfast out or evening by the fire at your local pub.  
Dress and Cardie from Primark| Boots from Newlook

 Little Miss has joined the clang, and it's been an interesting few days. She's met some wonderful people [and dogs] already, and we've come down with a bang of what having a puppy feels like. Severus is doing very well with her, although a little worried, he's being so good and we're being sure to give him lots of cuddles and attention too.
From now on, our life will be sitting at home watching Lily, cuddling Sevvy and planning our next Disney holiday.