Magic Kingdom Photo Shoot

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Photos by Tom Mills

As Sam and I had a Swan and Dolphin wedding, the option of doing a Magic Kingdom wedding shoot was taken out of our hands straight away. It's something I would have loved to have done, and hopefully in the future (hello Vow Renewal) we'll be able to get dressed up in wedding attire once again and frolic around Cinderella's Castle for some beautiful shots. 

However, on this trip we did take (many a...) trip to Magic Kingdom with our good photographer friend, Tom Mills, who was able to capture some fun and lighthearted shots for us. We had so much fun, and even decided to take it even further with our matching Mickey and Minnie t shirts. 

The jumping photo and carousal ones are no doubt my favourite, and I'm so glad we had the chance to have this pre-wedding shoot, having these memories will last a life time ♥                                                                                                                       

Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Friday, 21 November 2014

Mid-week treats are something I love, it breaks up the working week and I always am keen to have something to look forward to. This week I was lucky enough to visit the Ideal Home show at Christmas, it was full of festive cheer and got be perfectly in the holiday spirit! 

The exhibition was held at Earls Court, in London. It showcased an array of good foods, gift ideas, Christmas decorations and beautiful interiors. As well as fun gadgets, fashion & beauty and pet products that no woofer-Mum could say no to. 

I drank mulled wine, sipped on champagne and crossed a few presents of the list. It was such a lovely day, even if it is for the food stalls and festive drinks that are available. 

If you get the chance to visit this Weekend, then I highly suggest it for an awesome day out ♥


Fluffy Leather Bites

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Dress c/o Poppy Lux| Cardigan from Primark| Floral Crown from Crown & Glory| Boots c/o Brantano

A leather (or pleather) dress isn't really something I would picture my self in, and although I have been drawn to them I found it difficult to picture how I'd style it up. As soon as this beauty came through my door, I was excited to give it ago! 

I wanted to keep to perfect for Winter, and although it's so easy to dress this item up or down, I wanted to make sure I kept it comfy and cosy-just how I love styling in winter time. 
The fluffy cardie is perfect for keeping warm, and looking cute too. It certainly made this outfit ready for everyday wear. 

I can't wait for this Weekend to get here, I feel that's a constant want at the moment. We have a few days full of food, fun and friends. As well as possibly car shopping and lots of dog walking too ♥

Our Wedding Party: 1st November 2014

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Having our Wedding in Florida was a win-win situation for me, especially when my Mum expressed the want for a party to celebrate with friends and family at home too.
I always kept strong in my head I didn't want it to be a wedding reception, and although it certainly followed the lines of one- with speeches, entertainment, cake and a first dance. I wanted the wedding it self to be the most important thing, and not do this for people who wouldn't come, but for our friends and family who couldn't. It was also a great excuse to drink more champagne and have the best time with our loved ones. 

I got to be creative with our party, and although it's a very small version of what our English wedding could of been like, it still expresses the sort of theme we would have gone for. I got to DIY a lot, saving money big time on almost everything, but also adding bits that we missed out on in Florida. Such as our amazing vintage photo booth

We did almost everything our self, but the big task was dressing the hall. With a few very loving friends and family we took down a horrendous (and huge) wall art, moved 100's of chairs, put up meters and meters of bunting, blow up large balloons and cut yards of table cloth to dress the tables. We also made our own doughnut cake, filled empty spaces with photo walls, and draped fairy lights around stair cases. I was so thrilled with the out come of our hard work, and honestly the night was full of some much fun and laughter!
Photography| Miles Hart
Personlised cake topper| ClayTastic Cake Topper
Vintage Chic Photo Booth| Fishee Designs
Floral| The Pink Peony
Wooden Vinyl Sign| Soda Pop Vinyls

Every Winter Flower

Monday, 17 November 2014

Top (was jumpsuit) c/o Chi Chi| Skirt from Next| Hat from ASOS| Boots c/o Brantano

Hats seem to be my go to "thing" at the moment, I'm really liking wearing them and styling them up. The wind just needs to be kind to me, on the days I do so! 
I wore this to an event last week, and I think it's the perfect go to outfit for any events around Christmas time. It's not too dressy, but shows you've made an effort, and I think the hat dresses things down a lot too- which in this case was perfect. 
I'm not one for customizing clothes, but this was-jumpsuit just wasn't working for my body shape. But oh my, how awesome does it look being a cute corset feel top. The floral is perfect for the colder months too, and I love how it fits with the tulle skirt. Which do you prefer, the jumpsuit or my customisation? 
These black boots have also become something of a uniform for me, grabbing them with anything and everything I wear. They're so comfortable and I love that they go with almost all my Autumn/Winter outfits. 

This Weekend has gone in a flash, again. I have a few exciting things lined up in the next few weeks and even further into the New Year. Planning Birthday trips, and Weekends with friends. I love something to look forward to, having something to plan really gets me excited and keeps me going through the working day.