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The Kings Head: Cotswold's

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

With the campaign from #SantanDeREAMS we got to experience life in a Town or City that we'd love to live in. As you may know, I actually picked the perfection of Cornish Coast, however when it came to it we decided to stay in the beautiful countryside of Cirencester. 

Cirencester is the capital of the Cotswold's, some villages in which are my favourite to adventure in to on a sunny day with Sev and Sam by my side.
We live fairly close to certain areas, but further enough away to still find exploring them fun and new. When I saw that The Kings Head was pet friendly, and only a short 40 minute drive from home, I thought it would be the perfect place to escape to for a night. 

The hotel was gorgeous, the room wonderful and the bathroom was amazing ♥
I loved our room with the extra cosy and large bed, and I found myself having a pamper in the massive bath with bubbles flying everywhere.
The hotel boasts being pet friendly, and I am glad Severus got to stay with us- finding beautiful places to stay and having the dog come with us it the best thing ever. There was a lovely park across the road, it did however shut late at night, and grass is a little hard to find around the High Street area. Although nothing really shouted "we love dogs" just knowing he's allowed there certainly has a lot over other places. 

If you want more information on how Santander can make your dreams a reality, you can find more information here.

Bedroom Peonies

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bedding c/o Julian Charles
I've got a few loves in my life, most of which revolve around my lovely home and wonderful family ♥
Since moving into our little house, that we now call a home, you may have noticed I've been more home ware than shoe shopping. Making our home look picture perfect is really pleasing, and I love trying different looks and interior ideas out, with small and easily changeable items.

I also adore flowers, I try and bring fresh flowers into the house every week or two and they really make me smile. They light up the kitchen, look pretty in the living room and send me to sleep happy in the bedroom. These peonies look so lovely dressing the room, made even better with the gorgeous Julian Charles duvet set.
The sheets are so soft and luxurious, with the trim on the edge making it look even more special. Don't be fooled though, the sets are rather affordable and the perfect way to change up the look in your room. Maybe some bright and floral now the sun is shining, or stick to neutral colours like me to make it look fresh and inviting.
There only seems to be one problem....I want to stay in bed longer because it's so very comfy!

FRONTLINE® Summer Tips

Thursday, 25 June 2015

FRONTLINE® Spot On have launched their new campaign for the Summer, highlighting the close bond between pet owners and animals. We all want to have fun and good times with our pets, and that starts with treating them for fleas and ticks monthly, throughout the year.

FRONTLINE® Spot On have made some videos, along with Ruth Langsford, giving owners tips on the subject such as to how to protect your pet against ticks and fleas, how to prevent a flea infestation in the home and how to keep your home clean when you have pets (which I know from experience can be a real pain!)

The videos are great and really helpful, they'd be great to share with friends and family who have pets too.

They cover hints and tips including:

· Give pets a once over after walks looking for thorns or grass seeds, as well as nasty parasites like ticks, which can transmit Lyme Disease to both humans and dogs don’t miss out on those hard to reach areas like in between the toes! 
· Remember to exercise your dog at the coolest point of the day, to ensure they don’t overheat. Before 9am or after 7pm is best, which may mean some early mornings!
· Invest in a water bottle specifically designed for dogs that can be easily carried on walks, so your dog doesn’t become dehydrated
· And finally…help protect all cats and dogs in your home against fleas and ticks by treating monthly, throughout the year, with FRONTLINE® Spot On– prevention’s better than cure

And it’s not only your pet which needs care and attention – keeping your house clean and clear of flea infestations, which can take three months or more to overcome, is possible by following the suggestions Ruth and Simone share below:
· Treat all cats and dogs in your household with FRONTLINE® Spot On monthly all year round for continuous flea and tick protection
· Regular vacuuming, particularly in dark places, will help to reduce the number of flea eggs, larvae and pupae in your home - don’t forget under rugs and behind cushions as well in between floorboards! Remember that pets pick up fleas from contaminated environments– not from each other
· Always wash pet’s bedding above 60°C every couple of weeks to get rid of any parasites who may have made a home there
· Use an environmental spray that contains an  Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), to kill eggs and larvae – it’s worth remembering there are no products that will kill the pupae stage. Remember to use it everywhere your pet goes – not just throughout the house, but in your car for example
· Make sure you allow your pets to roam freely around your house once they’ve been treated with FRONTLINE® Spot On – this ensures that, if newly hatched fleas jump on, they will be killed. Your pet is now acting as a walking flea killing machine!

Find all the videos here & follow them on twitter

By following these simple tips, and remembering to keep pets protected against fleas and ticks with monthly FRONTLINE® Spot On applications, owners can look forward to enjoying the good times with their furry friends this summer

This is a collaborative post

Ice Cream Lace

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Top from Primark| Skirt c/o Curvety| Bag from Newlook

Although I feel like I've not seen any sunlight properly, while I've been stuck at work, there has been the odd afternoon that I've managed to make the most of Mr Sunshine ♥

We decided to take all three dogs to a local park, and of course I couldn't wait to wear my new cream lace skirt- perfect for any dog walk, I hear you say! Walking around the pretty grounds, gorgeous lakes and sweet Woodland area always makes me feel so special and happy with my 4 favourites in the world, so it's only right I dress special too.

The skirt is ever so pretty and starts at size 14, so fitted ever so well and looked great with my monochrome (and ice cream) look. It would be perfect for a Summer Garden Party or evening any family get together you may have on the cards for the warmer season. I can even see my self packing it for a holiday....if I had a holiday booked!

Summer Garden Party

Monday, 22 June 2015

Garden Goodies all from Tesco

It's officially Summer time*cheers* This means that Sam and I are on a mission to organise our garden and hold a Garden Party, in August. There's so much I want and even more things we actually need to make the garden a little haven of sun and fun times.
We love planning an event, and love even more buying for it. Having something to look forward to and work towards really drives me, and I find it so motivating.
I'm think stripe straws in jam jars, bunting around the fence, a BBQ cooking nicely and everyone chatting to friends and loved ones.

Tesco is perfect for almost everything you even think about buying, and it's affordable too- win win! I was browsing Tesco Direct garden furniture and found the cutest blue set of table and chairs, the photo with all the other "gear" makes it even better and I'm now on a mission to make that our garden! I also want plants in wellie boot vases, bright colour lanterns and fairy lights hung on the fence, large candle lanterns by the steps and pretty flowers every where you look. 
The ranges they have are so fun and so bright and happy, something I really want to show case in our garden and in life generally, we're pretty fun people ya know. But if bright isn't your think Tesco do all sorts of wonderful furniture from wooden, metal, benches and even sofa's and lounging sets. As well as all that, I have my eye on the awesome floor bean bags. I think I can see my self comfy in one of those, most probably with a cocktail in hand.

We've also been dreaming of a summer house for so long, and although I think it's a dream that may never come true, I still like to look at them and see what we could buy. We of course could never leave Sev out, and I've no doubt he'd have his little corner in the Summer house with an outside bed, ready for him to jump in to when ever he's done with playing with his toys.                                                                                    


This is a collaborative post

Summer Solstice with Waitrose Cellar

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Wine and Picnic c/o Waitrose Cellar

The Summer solstice sunrise was this morning, and although I was fast asleep, I'm still joyful that Summer is here ♥

Waitrose Cellar wanted me to share what we'd be doing with our longer evenings, with the sun still shining and usually a glass of wine (or two) in sight. Last night we ended up having a little at home picnic in the garden, full of yummy treats and even sparkling wine. I adore being able to sit in our own garden, and just appreciate our little home.
We then made our way down the canal, hound and wine in tow, and had a sit down while the sun slowly went down. I love having so much time left in the evenings, it really makes you get out and enjoy where you live.
We decided to get our wedding champagne glasses out for the challenge and enjoy the beauty of Avon and Kennet canal that is just outside our front door.

I'd love to see photos of what you're doing with the longer evenings, with friends or even just with the dog..... 

Pet Photography with Pets at Home

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pets at home wanted me to share some pet photography tips with you all, and as taking photos of Severus is one of my favourite things, I jumped at the chance!

Severus owns his own instagram account with Alfie and Tilly, which he updates daily. Having both that and my blog has really allowed me to be creative in ways I never knew how, as well as finding my love for photography and growing it more and more.
As a person that can't sew, doesn't know how to make anything, can't bake to save her life- having an instagram account and blog really allows your creativity to shine through. 

What you will need for pet photography:

1 handsome hound (or a pack of them!) 1 camera (I mainly use the canon 600D with the 50mm 1.4 lens) A whole lot of natural light (but not in direct sunlight) and any props or backgrounds that make everything a little fun

Pet Photography Tips:
Have a helping hand. Taking photos and keeping your dog interested and ready to pose is really hard, when I can I always have Sam helping me

Allow it to be fun and keep the treats coming. Your pets don't know or really care about what you're doing, they just want to keep you happy, which means keeping them happy. Reward them every few shots with treats and fusses and let them know they're doing a good job

Take inspiration from others instagram and pinterest pages. The internet is full of wonderful photos and although we don't want to copy any, it still gets the ideas flowing and allows you to take some amazing photos of your own

Don't take it too seriously! They're dogs (or cats, or guinea pigs....) after all. Allow the shots to be natural in the most possible way and use your training to make it more fun- such as sits, downs and holds. 

Use props! This is what I love the most and Sev has a whole basket of different props that I've acquired through the months. Any time I pop into a charity shop or manage to get to a car boot, I'm always looking for items that would work in photographs with him and the other two. They can be as cheap, silly, or beautiful as you like; each one will make for a gorgeous photo

Remember to show case your photos. It will give you a high with every "like" you get or comment you receive. I use my personal Facebook, their instagram account as well as Twitter and my blog. There are lots of different photo sharing sites out there too

Pastel Whites

Monday, 15 June 2015

Floral Tee c/o Repertoire Fashion| Jeans c/o House of Fraser| Sandals from Primark

Having a Monday morning off, when the sun is shining and you have Husband and Hound in tow, is a good feeling ♥

In fact it's probably the only up side of working the long (x10) Sunday shift and night shift. But days like that certainly made it worth it. It's my favourite thing to go and visit some where new, or visit places we love. I love adventures, even if it is breakfast and a trip to a lovely pet shop before walking down the canal. 

I wore this outfit and thought it was perfectly summery for such a day. The white and pastel floral tee work so well together, especially with my tousled hair and general laid back look.
Really, I'm not sure if I can "get away" with the white jeans, but I love them all the same. Such an easy look for the warmer weather and jeans from Dorothy Perkins always fit me so well. 
I couldn't help but pick out this gorgeous mint floral tee from Ted Baker, the print is close to perfection. I love a good tshirt too, I think you can dress them up and down so well and they're so flattering for hiding my food baby!