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Red Check Shirt: Outfit Post

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

I've been waiting to wear this little outfit for a few weeks, and when we ventured into the forest (blog post here) I managed to make it perfect and practical too ♥ The shirt is from Primark and I just think it's lovely, paired with my long boots and fedora hat....I personally think I rock this look.

I feel like Autumn has truly disappeared and Winter is showing it's chilly little face. Spotting an orange crunchy leaf still gets me rather excited, but I know I'll be switching up Autumn leaf photos for muddy dog walk ones any time now.

I am excited for December though, and it's here already! I feel like it's time to start getting festive and feel happy about all the things I love about Christmas time. We have Christmas parties arranged, drinks with the girls, seeing friends by the seaside and celebrating with our families. I'll be doing weekly vlogmas videos, so you can keep up with my boring life this month, which I'm actually really looking forward to.


Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Festive Night In

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Nightwear c/o Debenhams

This time of year is perfect for getting comfy and cosy. Although when I'm not at work, during the week day, you'll usually still find me in PJ's or comfy clothes, when it gets to November and December, some how it feels totally allowed.
Debenhams kindly sent us a box of festive goodies, as well as some gorgeous nightwear, to have a relaxing night in while getting ready for Christmas (Yes! I just said Christmas)

We had such a lovely night in, fizz followed by hot chocolate while cuddling Sev and having winter candles burn.

We are starting to look forward to Christmas time, my work party is just next Weekend and I've started getting more and more presents through the post. I love getting everyone together and having fun, drinking a little too much and gifting goodies to loved ones ♥

Our Weekend in the New Forest

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

I love going on adventures, exploring different places and getting snap happy at all the beautiful surroundings and life around us ♥
Last week Sam and I had a few days off together and decided to visit the gorgeous New Forest. We'd visiting with friends last year, and were eager to return, especially in my favourite Autumn time.

We packed all our bits and pieces up (including the dog!) and made our way to the gorgeous forest. The trees were still orange and crunchy, the sky was still crisp and blue and we got lost in the fun of just being together.

Our boots got muddy and our cheeks got rosey, but we had a wonderful time. I drank Prosecco by a roaring fire, ate far too much, visited new place and saw wonderful friends.

Weekends like this get me excited about life, the make me motivated and allow me to do what I love and be with the people (and fur babies) I love so much.


When I Think Too Much

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Some times things bother me, worry me, hurt me or annoy me. They make me want to cry and they effect me probably more than they should. But that's life, it doesn't mean I'm a negative person, it means that I have struggles some times that's okay. 

Being an Aunty is pretty amazing, especially when it brings me and my sister closer. I'm so excited for this little boy to grow up, have fun times with him and see him develop as a little human. He will of course be a big Disney fan and love his Aunty Stephy the most.

Friendships are hard, they cause pain and worry like I've never felt before because I'm such a worrier and care far too much. It may involve sadness or jealousy, and knowing that you want to be some ones friend, but they really don't feel the same back, is pretty crap.

I can be a pretty angry person, an overally emotional person but this is because I love and have passion. I care for the little things and want it all to work out okay. I need to learn to let things go, and let things be, but others also need to learn that my passion is me.

How ever much your family annoy you, they only want good for you. Remember to give your Mum a cuddle the next time you see her and make sure you reply to your Dad's text.

I love photography, it makes me such a happy person. It lets me explore and get away from it all, it lets me run away and be more of the person I want to me.

Being selfish is okay! Putting my little family first is what truly matters to me, they are the most important thing in my life and always will be. I love my boys to be moon and back and would do anything for their love and happiness.

Instagram isn't real, but the buzz I get from a beautiful account is wonderful. Bloggers aren't real, I don't look like I do in my outfit posts because I only wear makeup 10% of the week, but it's how I express my creativity and love.

Disney is always a good idea.

Some people can be nasty, but maybe they just don't understand. Letting things go and forgetting the crap to leave room for the good is what life should be about. Remember being a good person is the best person you can try and be.

Dogs are pretty awesome. We should really try and learn from their ways. 
Alfie and Tilly are truly two of my best friends.


Grey Wool Coat: Outfit Post

Friday, 20 November 2015

Winter is certainly on the way, have you heard about the possible snow this weekend?! Although I adore Autumn, the beautiful colours on the leaves and the crispy crunches under your feet, I love the thought of getting cosy with all the layers as the Winter starts to creep in.

I'm a huge coat fan, I have far too many, but I just love them so much. This perfect Sugarhill,  white fur trimmed coat is no exception, because it is just so so gorgeous ♥ I love that you can take off the collar too, in case the rain starts, or you want to change the look up slightly.

I think the jumper goes so well with the grey coat too, it's the perfect item to wear to feel warm and it's super cute at the same time. 

Coat c/o Sugarhill Boutique| Jumper c/o M and M Direct| Skirt from Primark 

The jumper has been one I've been wearing around the house with my casuals or pj's, as well as it being my 'go to' jumper for dog walks or popping out to see friends. I love how soft it is, but how cute it looks too, jumpers like this work so well as they go with almost everything.

I got to wear this cosy and pretty outfit in the New Forest last Weekend, I can't wait to share some more photos with you because we had the best time having fun adventures with beautiful surroundings. I also vlogged over the Weekend so make sure you subscribe to my channel to see our fun Weekend.