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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tshirt: Oasap*
Riding Pants: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Tattoo: Skin Art UK*
Hair: Un-straightened bun, using a bun ring and gripping hair around

A day where you want to look nice, but trying too hard is a bit of an effort. I decided to go for the afro natural hair bun, I don't mind it too much, gives a different feel to the straight big hair bun. 
I was hoping this tee would be a little more baggier, but I still love the stars and stripes- another holiday item for sure. The riding pants are literally glued to my legs at the moment, they go with so much and are so easy to wear. I am looking forward to trying the tee with a pretty black skater skirt though, I like the mix of styles that way.

How much do you love my "new tattoo"?! Literally can not get enough of these amazing temporary goodies. I had all the girls try them last week too, I think this is what our Friday nights are now all about. Yes I feel about twelve again, but it fulfils my needs without the worry of changing my mind a year later. The designs are so good and vary a huge amount, although I would like to see some a little bigger. Next up for me will be the dandelion and feather one's. Buy them online or at Boots ♥ 

You can now follow me on Instagram, how exciting! Hello new iPhone. Stephdreams. I also have a link in the side bar.


  1. I love this look. I think that I may have to invest in some riding pants, you look lovely in them! xx

  2. Ohhh I love these riding pants, did you buy them recently? I think I might need to go get some!


  3. Your hair looks awesome, back in the day I used to scoff at hair donuts but now I think a purchase is on the cards! I'm also rather liking the riding bands - you look fab


  4. like the messy bun and the necklace! And for someone who doesnt wear trousers at all, I actually think I might try a pair of the riding pants on! tho everything from H&M is about three feet too long in the leg for me!

  5. That shirt is awesome - I have a Britain take top and it is a personal favorite of mine! The boots are just perfect, and the necklace is something I have been dying to get - but I can never find one! Loving your blog - followed you on twitter and everywhere else :) haha
    xxx emma


  6. I've seen lots of these tattoos, they look really good!
    Love your hair like that, gotta love a bun ring.

  7. Those riding pants look great on you! I think I'm love with those boots too, perfect xxx

    1. the tattoos look like fun!
      Those riding pants look lovely on you, very versatile too x

  8. Love this! I need those riding pants, they look great on you. Fab top too. Loving the tattoo Steph :P xx

  9. LOVE THIS TSHIRT! you look hot steph!! and your riding pants too!
    and totally following you on instagram! xxxx

  10. Love this outfit, especially the top and necklace. Might have to try those tattoos! x

  11. Love the tee, what kind of material is it though? it looks sort of stretchy like. xo

  12. just stumbled across your blog and love it! now following :) Love your necklace - lola x

  13. I love this outfit! I love your riding pants they look just like the AA ones, and they go so nice with your top! xx

  14. look at you sexy ladddyyy, those riding pants look amazing on you!! xx

  15. Love the USA top, I have some shorts in the same print! The riding pants look amazing on you! xx

  16. Ooh! You've so inspired me to temp-tat it up, haha

    Last day to WIN my Havaianas SHOE Competition!


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