Photo Booth Fun

Friday, 22 May 2015

Photo booth props and accessories c/o Party Delights

Doing things I love and enjoy has become really important to me, photographs, making props and making an image I'm proud of and happy to share.
Since improving and working really hard on Sev's instagram, has made me think more about other photography. 

My dream would be Wedding photography and portraits,  but sadly that's not an option with my skills at the moment- although I am trying.
I thought because of this it would be fun to get a photo booth up and running, having fun with props, make some backgrounds and see people have fun with what they're doing and the photos I'm taking ♥
It may only be silly, but it's something I'm loving. I've done a friends Hen Party and Baby Shower and I hope with time it can grow and I can go to more events.

Party Delights allowed me to pick some items to help get my photo booth up and running, they have a great amount of props as well as backgrounds- such as the foil curtains that come in great for all sorts of events and occasions.
My new idea is using some of the foil tassels with a hessian backdrop, being swapped for bunting at times too.
Decorating for parties and events can be so much fun, I like things that are aesthetically pleasing so thinking of ideas and making it come alive can be such an achievement. 



  1. I love this Idea, I to would love to be a wedding photographer so much but sadly this is just a dream. Gorgeous photos and great idea xx


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