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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Pets at home wanted me to share some pet photography tips with you all, and as taking photos of Severus is one of my favourite things, I jumped at the chance!

Severus owns his own instagram account with Alfie and Tilly, which he updates daily. Having both that and my blog has really allowed me to be creative in ways I never knew how, as well as finding my love for photography and growing it more and more.
As a person that can't sew, doesn't know how to make anything, can't bake to save her life- having an instagram account and blog really allows your creativity to shine through. 

What you will need for pet photography:

1 handsome hound (or a pack of them!) 1 camera (I mainly use the canon 600D with the 50mm 1.4 lens) A whole lot of natural light (but not in direct sunlight) and any props or backgrounds that make everything a little fun

Pet Photography Tips:
Have a helping hand. Taking photos and keeping your dog interested and ready to pose is really hard, when I can I always have Sam helping me

Allow it to be fun and keep the treats coming. Your pets don't know or really care about what you're doing, they just want to keep you happy, which means keeping them happy. Reward them every few shots with treats and fusses and let them know they're doing a good job

Take inspiration from others instagram and pinterest pages. The internet is full of wonderful photos and although we don't want to copy any, it still gets the ideas flowing and allows you to take some amazing photos of your own

Don't take it too seriously! They're dogs (or cats, or guinea pigs....) after all. Allow the shots to be natural in the most possible way and use your training to make it more fun- such as sits, downs and holds. 

Use props! This is what I love the most and Sev has a whole basket of different props that I've acquired through the months. Any time I pop into a charity shop or manage to get to a car boot, I'm always looking for items that would work in photographs with him and the other two. They can be as cheap, silly, or beautiful as you like; each one will make for a gorgeous photo

Remember to show case your photos. It will give you a high with every "like" you get or comment you receive. I use my personal Facebook, their instagram account as well as Twitter and my blog. There are lots of different photo sharing sites out there too


  1. You're really knocking it out of the park with your Sevvy shots, he's a great model!
    I'm trying to get some better ones of P&B - I wish they'd behave together but we clearly have a bit more training to do! Definitely agree about taking a break and lots and lots of fussing for doing a great job.
    M x

  2. Milo get's so annoyed with me when I point a camera at him! I definitely need to be a bit more generous with the treats and fusses I think! :) xx

  3. Id love to be able to take some pictures of the bunnies but they wont sit still long enough!

    Leanne x

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  4. your dog is so lovely! it's such a good model, i wish my marcel could pose like that!


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