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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I really enjoyed everyone's Disney Confessions, that are going around on the Disney-bloggersphere at the of course I wanted to join in.

I adore Disney, I love almost everything about Disney but there are a few things I tend to skip over that you wouldn't think a Disney fan would! [I really enjoyed writing and filming this, however it is a little bit of fun and in no way is meant to disrespect the Disney lovers who do like these things ♥]
I don't watch that many Disney films
This is probably the biggie, and one you totally wouldn't expect. But it's true! I really need to be in the right frame of mind for a Disney film, and that doesn't always happen. I did grow up watching them as a child, but it's really only when I went into the parks as an older teenage that my love for it started.
I do adore the ones I watch, and I do and will try to forever collect them, I just don't always want to watch them.

I won't wear Disney clothes outside of the parks
I think this annoyance has come from the randomers that have been to Primark and are wearing their Mickey tee to go shopping in the week after. Don't get me wrong, I adore Primark for Disney attire, however this is where this one seems to steam from.
Personally, it's not for me to wear Disney clothes when you're not in the parks. When you're there, you go mental and wear Mickey head to toe. I would however love to see some styles in every day life that I adore and would help me over my phobia, I think instagram accounts like MinnieStyle are perfection.

I really only enjoy Epcot now, because of "Drinking around the World"
In 2014, for our Wedding-moon trip, we decided to Drink around world showcase in Epcot. We literally had the best time doing this, it was so much fun and a great way to show our friends around the parks before the Wedding itself. It's certainly opened my eyes up more and made me appreciate and love the park, before that it was just a little "take it or leave it" now it's a must, with champagne and macaroons from Paris...of course.

I don't really like Villans
Villans have become more and more popular of the years, everyone loves a baddie. I just really don't! I have met Gaston a few times, and yes, of course I touched his muscles [blushes] however I really am not one for the villans. There's not one I really love or enjoying meeting a whole lot, and although Gaston is fun...give me Flynn Rider any day.

Spiderman is in the parks or that Starwars is now Disney
I just can't relate them to being "Disney". I love star wars films, and I have watched the odd Marvel film too but I just don't like that they're in my Disney parks. I am looking forward to seeing what Star Wars land offers for Hollywood Studios, and the odd ride here and there is okay. But it's Pluto you should be meeting in the parks, not Spidey!

Tsum Tsums
I just don't get them. I tried, I really did. I am sorry, but I don't even think they're cute...not even the Donald on!!!! [Forgive me Donald, for I have sinned]

Disney Pin Trading
So since filming my video for this, I have actually fallen in love with a handful of pins that I love so much I would totally buy. I also had seen that Sarah collects the park year pins on the times she travels, this is the best idea ever and something I'm so sad I never started.
However...I'm just not a pin kinda gal. I don't really like wearing them on lanyards, because I don't like lanyards all that much and if I did pick any up I would love it too much to trade it. I just feel a little lost and pointless with them, although I do appreciate how much of a big thing it is.

Disney Brides that have never been to Disney
One that I just don't truly get and maybe is why people may think Disney weddings are a little tacky. I'm not really sure why I don't like this so much, but I just feel really passionate that getting married at Disney is really important and special. If you've never been how you can you possibly know that you'll love it with all your heart.

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