Disneyland Paris Summer 2016

Friday, 22 July 2016

A few weeks ago I took the Eurostar to Disneyland Paris, to join the magic for a couple of days ♥ and oh boy, it was magical!

I got to spend a few days with the lovely Charlotte, as well as meet friends there too. We spent Thursday until Saturday in the parks and I loved every second of being in that beautiful place. It was the perfect trip to get away from everything. We rode our favoruite rides, met some wonderful characters and took in the amazing atmosphere [and crazy warm weather!]
I had the best character interaction with Donald, TWICE! I took selfies with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I ate pineapple whips in the sunshine, and marshmallow treats in front of the castle. We laughed and giggled, and I truly love Disneyland Paris more and more each time I visit.

This trip I took the plunge and decided to buy an annual pass! Something I will no doubt get the use out of, hoping to save money on our September trip as well as already looking to book for the Christmas period too. I also hope to visit for the 25th Anniversary some time next year when the celebrations are going on.
Disneyland Paris is somewhere I feel so comfortable with, happy to be there and really rather at home in that gorgeous pink castle park. Disney is always so much more than a theme park to me, it's the amazing feel it gives me and the happiness that explodes from me when I'm there



  1. These photos are SO well taken!! Really nice post ☺

    Alisha xx

  2. aaw looks like you had a fab time, your photos photo of the castle is stunning xx

  3. Oh, I love this post. It's been so long since i went to DLP but I used to love it there for a fun day out. And the photo's they are just beautiful. Can't wait to see more from the annual pass visits ;) x

  4. Always love your Disney posts! So glad you had a fab time!!! X


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