Paris City & Disneyland Paris Bucket List

Monday, 26 September 2016

At the moment I am in Paris City, some where I wasn't sure we'd visit again, but as I'm writing this [on Friday] I am so excited and can not wait to explore the city again.

I decided to make bucket list of things I'd look to do in Paris and for our trip to Disneyland Paris a few days later.
[photo inspo from Instagram]

♥ Twirl in my tulle skirt by the Eiffel Tower.

♥ See the Eiffel Tower sparkle.

♥ Watch sunset from the Arc de Triumph.

♥ Experience LadurĂ©e in Paris

After two nights in Paris, we'll be making our way to Disneyland Paris for four nights of fun and magic!

I feel so in love with DLP at the moment, it's a very special for me and even though I've been recently, there are always new things I want to do and experience. 
♥ Eat at inventions character lunch

♥ Watch the Buffalo Bill show

♥ Try Annettes for breakfast [it looks amazing]

♥ Dine at Walts

♥ Run around Disney lake every morning before breakfast

♥ Have the best fun with our best friends

♥ Meet Donald Duck....of course

♥ Add to my pin collection

♥ Drink around the lake

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