Disneyland Paris in September

Monday, 17 October 2016

At the end of September, we were joined by two of our Best Friends to adventure to Disneyland Paris. It was both Sam and Sarah's Birthday, and after booking the trip well over a year ago (!!!) we all couldn't wait to experience the magic together
It really ended up being a wonderful time to visit, and after our brief stop off at Paris City (Blog posts here & here) we ventured out to join the magic of Disney.

The parks were extremely quiet, meaning short queue lines for rides and a lovely atmosphere around the parks generally. We decided to opt for 4 nights, making the most of our gorgeous on-site hotel, Newport Bay Hotel, and taking our time to explore the beauty of the parks.

When in Disney everyone will have their own way of exploring the parks, and making the most of their time. Thankfully [and very luckily, I know] Sam and I are some what pro's at Disneyland Paris and therefore we get to really enjoy the bits we love, forget about the things we don't and make it more than just the parks them self.

Disneyland Paris Hotel is stunning, and somewhere that is highly recommended to visit if you do take a trip to DLP. There were days that we actually spent a lot of time there, drinking cocktails or hot chocolates, eating at the gorgeous Inventions where characters come and greet you at lunch, and even spending the evenings listening to the wonderful pianist that made the hotel feel even more dreamy.

Being the first and last people on Mainstreet was really a massive and wonderful highlight of this trip, as well as skipping towards the castle with Donald Duck. My dreams really do come true, and we are so excited to visit Disneyland Paris again for Christmas season in December.


  1. Looks like an awesome holiday! I'm going there soon, how were you the first and last people in the park if you don't mind me asking? The photos you got are brilliant!



  2. I've had two family members go to Disneyland Paris in the last month. I feel like I'm missing out!



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